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(Gavin Rainey) #542

I agree, they should go to Eerste.

(Rob Thomas) #543

(Sam Hather) #544

Ajax - The False Kings

Has quite a good ring to it though

(Paul Corkin) #545

I’m in need of new boots, Preferable AG ones as the 4g is tearing up my Messi ones something serious. Any recommendations?

(Peter Woodberry) #546

I’m picking these up next week ready for pre-season.

Depends what sort of boots you like and if you have thin or wide feet. I find that PUMA boots don’t fit me very well at all because I have very thin feet. Been tempted to try a New Balance pair but I’ve decided to stick with Adidas because they fit my feet perfectly.

I had a pair of PUMA Evo Speed 1.3 with SG studs and I just couldnt get on with them so I was forced to use my FG Adidas Adizero boots all season even in the worst weather.

Will probably pickup an SG version of the ones I’m getting up top when the season starts.

(Paul Corkin) #547

Was looking at those ones too, What you think of the laceless ones being released for the euros?

Currently wearing Messi 10.1 which I’ve had for a year or so now but they’re almost done. Have had evoSpeeds as well in the past but not sure i would go for them again, tempted to shell out for the laceless Messi’s but don’t want to though 230£ on them though i do have 10% of on Adidas. Regret not getting the green laceless ones, they’re sold out everywhere but not sure how they would hold up on 3g either. (i play both grass and 3g)

Looking at these

(Peter Woodberry) #548

I think it depends what sort of Astro you play on, if its the sandy shit then the AG boots would be perfectly fine but I expect they’ll still wear. But if its decent 3G that’s longer with the black rubber bits then I use FG boots on that type of surface and its always been fine.

Not sure I’m a fan of the newest Adidas Mercury boots but I love the green laceless Aces but like you said they’re sold out and expensive as fuck!

(Paul Corkin) #549

Pitch is pretty good 3g, black rubber, no sand. Proper 3g pitch but still find my Messi’s have worn the toes down since i started playing on it, but i suppose they are a year old as well. Thinking of picking up a pair of AG ones and FG ones for my summer league as it’s played on 3g weekly, at least then i’ll have AG ones either way.

Yeah don’t think i’ll be buying the mercury pack tbh, silver just isn’t for me, though i didn’t know the Messi ones have laces under the sock thing.

New nike pack is out the end of the month, might try see what they’re like in person before buying anything.

Love these in the new nike pack:

(DayC) #550

Lukaku running his mouth more than he’s run all season at the moment.

(Rob Thomas) #551

As is tradition with the Belgium’s.

(C**t ) #552

(Gavin Rainey) #553

Don’t know if you heard mate, we appointed Jose Mourinho as our manager, not many reporting on it.

(C**t ) #554

Thanks mate, I heard it was happening In the next 48 hours, wasn’t sure when though.

(Dean) #555

How did that slip through without anyone leaking the news?

(Gavin Rainey) #556

Just incase you didnt see, people think Zlatan Ibrahimovic might sign too.

(C**t ) #557

I thought because we didn’t get CL Football we wouldn’t get any big signings mate.

(DayC) #558

Wilshire in over Drinkwater, Roy’s having a fucking laugh. We deserve bottom of our group with decisions like that.

(Dean) #559

If he picks Rooney over Vardy you’ll be bottom of the group.

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