Football Thread

(DayC) #562

Dean thinks he’s from Holland?

(Xenoscythe) #563

He nationalistically confused.

And a fedora wearing moonbeam to boot.

(DayC) #564

tip tip tip

(Paul Corkin) #565

Really interested to see how we do at the euro’s, Hard group but can see us getting out of it if we play the way we have been playing, hope the pressure doesn’t get to the players.


(DayC) #566

@smather why the step down for Monk?

(Gavin Rainey) #567


Cash rules everything around me

C.R.E.A.M get that money

(Dean) #568

Who else wants to touch Leeds? Seems like a shit club to be at right now, I doubt many people jumped at the job.

(DayC) #569

Do they have a lot?

My point really, Monk could probably find a prem job with a lower half side, proven he can do it.

(Sam Hather) #570

Hardly a step down really.

He does well = he gets a sleeping giant back to the prem and goes down in cult history

He does shit = Gets paid 12 months wage for 3 months work.

Decent for him

(Sam Hather) #571

Super fun Leeds and Arsenal stat that tbh deserves its own thread

(Dean) #572

Mind fart I thought you meant it was a step down for Leeds.

@smather do you honestly think you have the squad to get back into the Prem? I think that’s a tad ambitious this season anyway, Brighton are going to be looking to keep up the spree, I can see Wednesday putting pressure on and then obviously Newcastle and Norwich. Villa will sit mid table though, they haven’t got a chance.

(Max Grkinic) #573

We will never get back to the prem as long as Massimo Cellino is our owner, doesnt matter what players or what manager we have. Apart from the owners of Blackpool he is the worst owner in the football league.

(DayC) #574

How are leeds sleeping giants sorry? Genuinely curious because you havn’t seemed all that good for a while now, your financial issues killed you off for a long time and, although this is a huge step in the right direction there are a few really decent managers in the championship this season. Your squad has to seriously stand out to compete for the league above.

Don’t forget Mike Ashley is down there now :wink:

(Max Grkinic) #575

Mike Ashley is a different type of bad owner, he pumps tens of millions into the squad hes just shit at actually running a football club, People like cellino however are actually killing leeds whilst not really investing anything into it. I would take mike ashley at leeds in a heartbeat.

(Sam Hather) #576

No of course I don’t think that. We’re absolutely fucked with Cellino at the helm.

Sheffield and Brighton will bottle it this season.

1 club city, Worldwide club, Great fan base.

If we were to start being good again we’d start getting younger fans in etc.

We’re the biggest club in Yorkshire by a way.

(Dean) #577

Are they bigger than Wednesday in fanbase? I’d assume it’s one of those two being the biggest but never checked the numbers.

@DayC it’s only 15 years since they were in the Champions League semis. They have a huge fanbase still and massive history. If they can get out of this slump in the next couple of years they will pull in the crowds still as they are still quite a big name even if the performances don’t live up to the position. I’d say they are a much bigger club than a lot of Premier teams such as Bournemouth, Swansea, Stoke and Burnley. I can imagine interest waining though with the recent years.

(DayC) #578

@Noodle that is true but 15 years is an incredibly long time and the giant is in a coma at this point. If they havn’t got backing and leadership from their owner or lots of spectacular players or youth the manager can use then the giant isn’t going to wake up.

The crowds sound great, bravo to Leeds fans for backing their team so well but if Monk doesn’t see any of the finances being raked in from that courtesy of the owner, and doesn’t get any freedom to make transfers then it’s doubtful they’ll ever return to the premier league.

Cellino sounds like the biggest fault of Leeds based on what you guys have said and what i’ve read.

(Sam Hather) #579

Poor ownership over the last decade has fucked us real hard.

We’ve got a lot of great youth at the minute that we have to retain.

But we probably won’t, I’ve seen my favourite players get sold again and again. Our team in league 1 under bates was genuinely better than what we have now, which is so fucking backwards.

And yeah @noodle in terms of actual fanbase Leeds will have a much bigger one, mainly due to our successes happening whilst colour TV exists like.

We just need to invest on the pitch and have ridiculously cheap Junior tickets. I have so many mates that have stopped going due to our ownership

(DayC) #580

@smather It’s a shame that lad, hopefully he sees the light and the potential you have.

Meanwhile in the prem you can enjoy Everton snaking Koeman from Southampton and spending silly money in the summer! We’ll still be sitting just above relegation next season though don’t worry!

(Xenoscythe) #581

Monk is a huge signing for Leeds, its a shame they get such a good manager in such a shitty environment.

Leeds fanbase (not just attendance) worldwide must be way bigger , they got to the CL semis several times though their implosion was probably heavier than either Wednesdays or Uniteds.

Thankfully, Cellino is rapidly crushing any remaining fan base. (L)<3

Average crowds at home for Leeds and Wednesday are pitiful though, probably due to that wank pricing structure.

Even us shitters in league one are only an average 3k behind and thats with us finishing 11th.

Bonus other shit yorkshire clubs

Championship next season i expect will see a soar in average atttendance though, so much money in it now and some amazing managers. As many Champions League managers in the championship as in the PL…madness.

@Noodle I’m tempted to get a season ticket for united this season actually if youd be up for some games.