Football Thread


Well… who expected that tonight eh?

(DayC) #603

Quality showing by Wales, that’s how you play football.

(Peter Woodberry) #604

Robson-Kanu’s goal made me cream everywhere.

(Paul Corkin) #605

Expected that tbf, Belgium had a whole new back 4 and couldn’t defend for shit. Fantastic showing, they done it in qualifying and showed it wasn’t just luck then.

(DayC) #606

(Gavin Rainey) #607

just remember

Micky terry ann

(DayC) #608

Shame he’s not playing for a scouse club, we would have a field day with that name.

(Luke) #609

Euros final on Sunday.
Portugal vs France.
Come on Frace to win 2 - 0 !

(Xenoscythe) #610

@smather lewis cook escapes the loony bin, how does that make you feel

(Sam Hather) #611

Depends on quite a lot of things - we’ve made some very key signings over the past week.

Got a lot of good players in that we needed but we still need a few more to be in with a chance of competing.

I’m obviously gutted because he’s going to be the best English midfielder in a few years imo. But i’m happy for the lad - been with us since he was a wee nipper and at least we got £7-10m for him.

But yeah, basically if we re-invest it then i’ll still be gutted, but it was probably necessary.

Couldn’t wish for him to go to a better team or manager either, Howe will work wonders for him.

(Max Grkinic) #612

Just another example of how shit our owner is, Cook is a fucking talent and we let him go down to his final year on his contract. the lad was on 3k a week for fuck sake, he would of happily stayed had we offered him even a decent wage but our owner is so fucking retarded, now we’ve lost one of if the the best young English midfielder out there. Doubt the money will be properly reinvested either. Thumbs up all round.

(Sam Hather) #613

Cellino said in those texts that Cook wanted to stay.

The 7m will go towards paying the 11m court fees from the last two years :slight_smile:

Honestly, we’re absolutely fucked as long as both Cellino and GFH have holdings in our club.

(Xenoscythe) #614

(Peter Woodberry) #615

Seen videos of her before shes nuts.

(Gavin Rainey) #616

(DayC) #617

Another day, another EFC rumour. Arnautovic to sign on a 4 year deal today.


(Gavin Rainey) #618

major deal I think, really nice

(Peter Woodberry) #619


(Gavin Rainey) #620

worst thing is, Diddy didnt even write the lyrics for that

(Dean) #621

Only team in top flight in Europe to not lose a game in 2016. Still managed to lose the title.