Football Thread

(Sam Hather) #622

have you not become the false kings yet?

(Dean) #623

No Twente won their appeal for some unknown reason. We won’t become false Kings.

(Xenoscythe) #624

Milik to napoli for 35mil euros, thoughts?

(Dean) #625

Absolute madness. He isn’t worth €35m at all, nowhere near the quality of Janssen or Depay so he shouldn’t be breaking the Eredivisie record. It does leave us in a shit spot though. He was our only real striker last year, so now we are relying on a young Columbian which seems risky.

It’s good for our bank balance, but I doubt we invest the money well. I’d love to see us bring in an older Dutch player like Snijder or Huntelaar but we just can’t afford the wages as we have a €1m cap. Snijder would be good as the Turks want him gone, but Huntelaar already said he isn’t leaving Schalke yet.

(Peter Woodberry) #626

From the r/soccer pre season roast thread for Man Utd;

Absolute gold.

(Dean) #627

We could be signing Mario Gomez according to Dutch media. I never expected us to actually go for a decent player.

(Rob Thomas) #628

(Sam Hather) #629

I fucking hate you

(Rob Thomas) #630

(C**t ) #631

Given that Milik is going, how do you feel about Ajax being linked with Balotelli?

(Gavin Rainey) #632

Probably gay, thats how he always feels

(Dean) #633

Whoever thought they could help Balotelli rebuild his future by taking him to Amsterdam needs a psychiatric re-evaluation. He could score a lot of goals in the Eredivisie, there is no doubt about that, but European games are going to be seriously hard for us. He doesn’t have the attitude for it and I’d rather see us sign literally anyone else.

Not a clue who we will actually go for now. We have a shit ton of money in the bank, but who wants to play in the Eredivisie in its current state.

(C**t ) #634

Before he signed for Liverpool there was a lot of articles about his scoring record, after removing all his goals due to penalties the amount is really not that great. His ceiling is really good but he’s so inconsistent and it really all to do with his attitude as you say. It would be amazing to see him turn it around, though I imagine every time he moves that is said about him.

(Peter Woodberry) #635

Balotelli will always be a what could have been player, the guy is just a gifted spastic.

Still love that winner against Spurs though LOL.

(DayC) #636

Newcastle are at the bottom of the Championship, all is right with the world.

(Sam Hather) #637

Blackburn and Barnsley are the bottom two now. NOW everything is right with the world. Can’t wait to get drubbed by Qpr tomorrow so that we can join them in our rightful place

Edit - scratch that… We’re currently in 15th. That’s where we’ll end up and that’s perfect.

(Peter Woodberry) #638

Won £103 on my £10 treble of Norwich, Bristol City and Ipswich today. Decent profit to start off the season!

(Sam Hather) #639


The worst i’ve seen us play ever.

0 Shots on target, 3 goals conceded, Rob Green reminiscing on the 2010 world cup.

Brilliant start to the season :slight_smile:

Tbf i’m very happy that I wont be hearing positivity from Leeds fans anymore… We’re not supposed to be that way.

EDIT - if you click the picture then the truth is revealed. Guess it doesn’t let you post proper long pictures.

(Gavin Rainey) #640

Even united sick of the clickbait

(Max Grkinic) #641

It is fun being a Leeds fan…