Football Thread

(Gavin Rainey) #642

(C**t ) #643

Looking at the news around Everton, given they’ve already got Williams, if they get Bony and Bolasie they’re looking really strong for the season. Id say they could run Liverpool pretty close this year, if they get Mata maybe even out place them.

(DayC) #644

Mata seems to be staying at utd from what i’ve seen would love to have him though.

Williams - seen leaving from his medical, should be 12m.

Bolasie - reported by sky as 30m

Kone - reported by sky as 18m

Bony - bit of an unknown reported by dutch media as 25m

(C**t ) #645

Do you think you’ll keep Lukaku given the talk about Bony recently?

(DayC) #646

@Sith I think so, nobody wants to pay 70mil for a lazy striker, 20 goals just isn’t enough for that price tag when he thinks he’s better than the club and just plays when he feels like. Bony is probably in the mix to light a fire under his arse and get him playing better plus would nice to see two strikers up front at Everton for once.

It’s always a possibility with Rom of course but latest talks are that he’s about to sign a new deal.

(Rob Thomas) #647

Please keep Lukaku.


(Xenoscythe) #648

Bolasie for 30m is ridiculous, even though i love him. Really hope he doesn’t go to Everton! :laughing:

(C**t ) #649

When Watford are rejecting £35m for Deeney is it really that ridiculous? Now that the new TV money is here this window was always going to be crazy. Best deal of the window will easily be Kante for £32m for me, just don’t see anyone getting that good a deal between now and the end of the window

(DayC) #650

30m for bolasie is worth it just because they’re taking niasse on loan hahaha!

(Dean) #651

Teams should really be saving money from this, as the TV money will drop soon. Prices are shooting up for both Sky Sports and BT Sports and every time they go up more and more people are cancelling the services (I see this at work). It’s only a matter of time before people say enough is enough and just stop paying for sports.

£50 a month is a lot of money to watch TV when it’s dead easy to find a stream online.

(Yan) #652

Pound for pound I reckon 11mil for Wanyama is the bargain of the window.

(C**t ) #653

Not for me but he is cheap, picked up a lot of red cards last year and he wasn’t great. I just see him as cheap, not a bargain.

(Yan) #654

His discipline was awful last season but Poch can improve him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Kante, but at 11mil and working under a manager who already got the best out of him I think he’s a steal.

Feels so weird thinking of 11mil as like a bargain bucket signing.

(Dean) #655

We just drew 2-2 with Roda JC at home, a team we beat 6-0 last year in the same game. Doubts were thrown around during the pre-season about how Bosz runs his defense, but fuck me I would have killed for Villas back 4 from last season we were that poor.

Serious doubts about making top 3 this year, I’m sure that someone like Vitesse or AZ can take it off of us, and we are going to get mauled in Europe as we just watch the counter attack go past us. A team who can actually score will smash goals past us with ease. Two easy games to start the league and two poor performances. In positive news Dolberg looks quality.

(DayC) #656

@Yan, @Sith - Gueye looked better than Wanyama today, hungry and picked up MOTM in his first game. He keeps that up and keeps improving he’ll be a steal for 7.5m.

Still a long way to go for Everton but it felt like we actually wanted to win, draw was a fair result I think with each team having a dominant half each.

A very honest interview from Koeman after the game, happy with some aspects and not so much others. Pleased with Gueye of course and Holgate but he needs to close the gap down for the Spurs goal quicker. We’re going to go far under this guy.

(Sam Hather) #657

Lewis Cook has fit into this Bournemouth team like he’s always been there.


(Peter Woodberry) #658

I wen’t from bouncing around my front room to clenching my ass for the last 20 mins why can’t Liverpool do anything simple?

(Sam Hather) #659

Personally think we should just scrap defending in Football… great game.

(Rob Thomas) #660

Bailly looks really good, but if he ends the season without getting a red card, I’ll be surprised.

(Gazza) #661

id be surprised if arsenal get top 4 this season

i was going put this yesterday but now it looks like im jumping on the bandwagon