Football Thread

(Yan) #662

If he ends the season without killing somebody, it’s a win

(Xenoscythe) #663

Oh it gets worse.

Source : today

(Sam Hather) #664

Wait, it’s possible to get 3 points a game?

(DayC) #666

We won boys. We fucking won!

(Yan) #667

(Dean) #668

Comic. Fucking. Sans.

I really hope this is a true story, but surely no-one in London earns that little.

(DayC) #669

The giveaway.

(Dean) #670

I’ve started to believe a lot of stuff on /r/soccer due to some of the sheer weirdness I see on there. Like the guy today who went and found every single Messi goal and ordered it via year and club. That takes a mental amount of effort no-one should ever want to do for free.

Also looks like it’s official that Cillessen is going, Krul is tipped to be the next guy at Ajax. Not sure how I feel as Cillessen was doing really shit the past 6 months, but I feel like this is another case of our board selling while prices are high without ever thinking it through. We can’t actually buy Krul because we can’t afford his wages, so it’s yet another temporary measure.

(C**t ) #671

I hope the Schwini to Juve rumours are true on there even though Di Marzio has said they’re not.

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(Dean) #673

Premier League clubs have spent £1 billion this window. Eredivisie clubs have spent £35.6 million (€42m). Even worse than that is Ajax did €27m and only PSV and Feyenoord managed over €1m. The gap between the leagues is unreal.

The championship has managed to spend £189 million, which is a fifth of the Premier League and 100 times more than League One which is currently on £1.8 million. If this continues we will see the same teams yo-yoing up and down every season as the gulf is just too big.

(C**t ) #674

Its interesting that Madrid haven’t signed anyone, given they always go for someone.

(Sam Hather) #675

Leeds make an average of 7m on transfers every season. Fml

(DayC) #676

He’s back boys the drought is over.

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(Dean) #679

Dutch football leading the way. Video ref technology being used in a cup game. Corrected a yellow to a red card.

(Xenoscythe) #680

Bloody awesome, its been in nfl and nhl for as long as i can remember, should definitely be in football.

(Yan) #681

I watched this live and 50 times since and I still can’t believe it actually happened

(Rob Thomas) #682

I fucking love this man.