Football Thread

(Rob Thomas) #683

(DayC) #684

Everton what the fuck was that?

(Max Grkinic) #685

Being a Leeds fan is actually enjoyable for the first time in 11 years.

(Sam Hather) #686

Shhh don’t say that

But nah league one - 15 points season best season.

(Rob Thomas) #687

(DayC) #688

Everton finally won and it’s time for some memes

(Sam Hather) #689

lmao that’s brilliant.

Leeds are playing well and look like promotion contenders, Help. I’m not ready for this.

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(Sam Hather) #692

We still won with no striker. I’m terrified.

(Sam Hather) #693

Kasper to Liverpool apparently… i’d fucking love that.

(DayC) #694

The ref last night in Hull vs Everton was absolutely fucking atrocious. Decisions missed for both sides and decisions made that shouldn’t have been, the amount of free kicks we should have picked up but didn’t was bordering “has he been paid off?” territory for a moment.

Been saying it for a month or so now the quality of officials has dropped this year, it doesn’t matter which team you’re watching there’s a good chance the ref will have a shocker. The whole “making up for wrong calls” style does my head in too. If the guy needs to be sent off, then send him off don’t book him then book someone on the opposition for something tiny!

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(Sam Hather) #696

I love this man

(Max Grkinic) #697

Cellino finally on the way out. Good Manager, good players, good times at Leeds.

(Sam Hather) #698

Absolutely rigged

(Dean) #699

Can’t blame the FA for wanting to cut down on stabbings at FA cup ties.

(Sam Hather) #700

Oh yeah cos our travelling fans are the well behaved ones lmao

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(Rob Thomas) #702

I always love my daily reminder of how cringey Arsenal fans are.

Thank you.