Football Thread

(Sam Hather) #703

Fuck me we’re third. Help.

(Xenoscythe) #704


(Gazza) #705

classic fuckin nerves before facing the scouse lot … gonna be a tough game tbh

(DayC) #706

Utd or City fan? Either way could you do the Evertonians a favour and lose today please? :wink:

(DayC) #707

Thanks for the win Mr Guardiola

(Sam Hignett) #708

First we had double agent Fellaini, now we have double agent Stones.

(Sam Hather) #709

holy jesus


Shit hot goal man, but wtf happened in that box haha

(Sam Hather) #711

Championship defending

(DayC) #712

Lukaku inside 31 seconds, shared fastest with Pedro this year in the prem. Lookman looks incredible man. The 2 new signings fitting in really well.

(DayC) #713

Well it was a good 45 minutes anyway.

(DayC) #714

Hello Liverpool fans

(Rob Thomas) #715

(Gazza) #716

(Xenoscythe) #717

I swear you’ve posted this about 18 times in this thread and everytime i seem to end-up spilling my spaghetti everywhere

(Gazza) #718

as much as i love watching arsenal lose i really hope wenger gets sacked or leaves then i can watch them struggle to make europa league

(Rob Thomas) #719

It’s a timeless classic.

Like Arsenal getting knocked out in the round of 16.

And coming 4th.

(Rob Thomas) #720

Take it easy Arsenal fans, you guys 10-2 overreact sometimes.


(Rob Thomas) #721

(Dean) #722

Fucking quarter finals. To say we nearly didn’t even make Europe, what is happening.