Football Thread

(Sam Hather) #723

Leicester making champs league quarters and Ajax making Europa, what is happening?!

(DayC) #724

The big Sea Moose is out, absolutely gutted :frowning: NSFL

(Sam Hignett) #725

At least we’ve got an excuse lined up for if we fuck up the derby, right?

(Thom Haas) #726

(Gavin Rainey) #727

Im on the way, nigerian reporting in

(DayC) #728

Huge game on the Mersey on in 5, very young team for Everton missing a lot of first team players. Liverpool without Lallana but look really strong.

(Peter Woodberry) #729

Feel for Pennington after scoring but Coutinho would have rinsed every defender in the league 1-on-1 like that.

(DayC) #730

Liverpool rinsed us today, lots of key players out and the young lads just couldn’t handle the pressure.

(Xenoscythe) #731

(Xenoscythe) #732

love this lad

(Rob Thomas) #733

(Sam Hather) #734

Well, we’re not gonna make the playoffs :slight_smile:

(Max Grkinic) #735

Should be used to disappointment by now lol. This season has been far to good to us, made us fans soft.

(Sam Hather) #736

Well it was a fun season. GG.

(Max Grkinic) #737

Fuck football.

(Peter Woodberry) #738

Holy mother of god that was inch perfect

(Rob Thomas) #739

(Dean) #740

What a match. Still can’t believe the score.

(Rob Thomas) #741

Our top goal scorer <3

(Xenoscythe) #742

:joy: twitter comments are 5/7