Fortnite - Battle Royale

(Fatmanp) #1

Anybody play this? I have been messing about with it for a few weeks and have been having a lot of fun. Not had a win yet but have finished in the top 2/3 quite a lot. Anybody up for some duos or squads anytime?

My Epic Games account is Fatmanp

(Sam Hather) #2

I’m on as ‘Smather’ if you want to add me - i’ve played a few games and it’s okay, but i’m not completely sold on it yet!

(Fatmanp) #3


I will add you now. I will be on tomorrow afternoon if you are up for some games. I am awful at building.

(Sam Hather) #4

I might be around aye! Shoot us a steam message… i’m very terrible at the game as a whole

(Peter Woodberry) #5

I play this quite a bit, add me on ManiaPJW

(Fatmanp) #6

Added both of you

(Lethal) #7

Smashed it a fair bit over the last few weeks. Pretty decent skill ceiling in comparison to PUBG, definitely worth giving it a bash.

(Fatmanp) #8

Whats your tag?

(Lethal) #9


(Fatmanp) #10

Anybody had a problem with your Epic account getting hijacked. When I logged on at the weekend I noticed my language had been changed to Russian and my Battlepass had been logged up to Level 92 ( I have played nowhere near enough to even sniff this level). I purchased some Vbucks to get the 10 tier skip ahead thing to level 100. After doing this I had 1000 Vbucks left, was playing a game, got logged out for apparently logging in elsewhere then came back to find 800 vbucks had been spent on a skin. I have enabled 2fa and reset my password now. I think some fo you have been removed from my FL aswell. Anybody had any experience of this?

(Xenoscythe) #11

People try to log in mine every few hours, its mental. Get warnings sent to my email.

Fortnite is a whole new monster of brute force attempts.

(Dean) #12

Not seen it this bad since TBC. I’m constantly spammed with notifications from Epic.

They think they are going to get a stacked Fortnite account, but all they’ll find is fad attempts at game design on UE4.

(Liam Dakin) #13

Thats exactly what i think when i recieve 10 emails a day from Epic, got one from Ubisoft yesterday too and i don’t even know why i have a Ubisoft account xD

(Gavin Rainey) #14


i think my division account has been compromised, gotta sort it, same for me though with the emails

(Peter Woodberry) #15

I’ve had a few people trying to get into my steam account, and my google account for that matter.

Mainly Russians, the invasion is happening!

(...) #16

Close mate had his fortnite account done yesterday and their response was that he hadn’t been hacked.

Quite commical

(Adam Harwood) #17

My origin account has been in the hands of Russians for the last couple of years. I can’t wait to see how many bans I have accumulated.

(Fatmanp) #18

Somehow this fucker is still playing on my account. Logged in today to find myself at tier 7 on the battlepass with all my skins, emotes and keybinds changed.