Forum issues

(Lethal) #21

We’re all grown up at the end of the day. Posts are and still will be frequently made even though we have skype/whatsapp/twitter. The forums won’t become as inactive as people will think

(Sam Hather) #22

Agreed tbh. I just know a few aired those concerns with Skype so thought i’d bring them to the table.

Discord is king

(Dean) #23

If anything the Discord will bring the community closer.

(DayC) #24

Inb4 it tears the community apart

(Adam) #25

Little late to the discussion, but everyone should jump on Discord. It’s superior to Skype and Teamspeak in pretty much every way. I’ve been using it since last year for r/OverWatch and a couple of different Street Fighter/FGC groups. The ability to be in as many servers as you want simultaneously is great, and persistent text chat is always a plus.

(Gavin Rainey) #26

Teamspeak is going this Friday at some time in the evening.

You have until then to migrate :smiley:

(Matt) #27

When I used Discord about a month and a half ago I had an issue where if I didn’t speak/type for 5 minutes it would simply stop transmitting anything i said/wrote. It would still show from my end that it was and I could still hear other people but they could hear or see anything I’d typed and the only way to fix it was to leave and rejoin, has that happened to anyone else. Occurred in both browser and app.

I’d rather pay for a TS myself or sit in silence than go through that ordeal every 15 minutes again. The times I’ve used discord it’s been really fucking shit so I’m hoping over the next week I’ll see what’s so good about it. Everyone keeps saying it’s leaps and bounds ahead but no one has said what it actually does different that makes it better.

(Gavin Rainey) #28

Rather than abandoning it for those reasons, I would have maybe contacted discord for help they’re very active.

The advantages over TS I see are:

Integration with games, and apps such as youtube and twitch (if you sub to a streamer the API will give you access to their discord too, so if any of us take off on twitch, you can do that).

Tournament integration, broadcasting of message to people. The IRC Chat channels and bot capabilities (this replaces skype very well).

The one click from server to server, the ability to get people in on tournaments very easily. Go browse through some tournaments on battlefy, it is literally the communication meta now

(Matt) #29

Those reasons aren’t of any interest to myself but I can see why they will benefit SSRCG a lot so I’m quite a bit more on board now. Just whether I get that issue again now.

(Xenoscythe) #30

Sounds like a sound driver conflict though odd it affected your text as well, haven’t heard of the issue before but it’s pretty easy to talk to a dev about on there. If you get it again we can troubleshoot it. They have also added in some reset options which may help if it does happen again.

Chances are its been bugfixed though as theres been loads of updates!

(Matt) #31

Fingers crossed.

(Gazza) #32

still having issues with the voice chat. its fine for like 10 to 15mins then ping spikes like crazy. Idk if its shitty potato specs i have or not but ts, skype and mumble never had an issue like this. Discord support doesnt seem to help just telling me the same shit about how its my internet.

(Gavin Rainey) #33

But if you’re the only one now, is it their fault?

Have you tried playing with your router?

(Matt) #34

He’s definitely now the only one I’ve seen with the issue. There’s a load of threads about it on the subreddit. I’m still having to use the browser because I’ve not had a response and haven’t got a fucking clue where else to go. I’ve tried everything even remotely linked to my issue which is something I’ve not had with any other VOIP so far, I’m just lucky there’s a way that I can use it otherwise I’d be sitting in solo qq

(Gavin Rainey) #35

Did you get the problem on your laptop too?

(Matt) #36

Don’t have the laptop anymore, can confirm the app runs better on my phone than my desktop though. I’m not entirely fussed about chasing a solution because I’m able to use the browser, at some point I’ll get used to not closing chrome and wondering why everyone went quiet haha. I just keep checking the subreddit and a quick google search every now and then.

(Gavin Rainey) #37

The techie in me becomes compulsive in finding a solution I find it hard to control

(Gazza) #38

ive done loads of stuff and at this point ive given up tbh. I just end up using ts or skype if i need play with anyone so no big problem.

I did the router thing when matt explained it to me, internets ran fine all week and idk what else i can do

(Sam Connolly) #39

If you use the browser version of discord then try using a different browser and see if the problem creeps up again, if you don’t use the browser version then try the browser version. And if you’ve already exhausted both those options then… skype or TS it is!

(Gavin Rainey) #40

Can someone else try and establish why @Rod wont come onto discord.

It is upsetting me now genuinely