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(Sam Connolly) #41

My view on discord vs TS after being on it for a little while:

Benefits of discord:

  • Conversations / channels are cool, and they show thumb nails which TS doesn’t do, also keeps everyone involved.
  • Shows what games people are on at any one time.
  • Is free


  • Doesn’t remember what output / input device I set, always changes back to ‘Default device’. Causes confusion and takes me a while to realise people can’t hear me talking.
  • No client connection info, if people start lagging in game it’s cool to check on TS if it’s something to do with the game server or it’s TS, unfortunately can’t do that on Discord.
  • Uses a shit ton of RAM compared to TS.
  • Not quite as stable as TS, have heard people complaining of bugs and having to use the web client because the desktop client doesn’t work, or the desktop client because the web client not working.

I think all in all for a forum community, Discord is probably more suitable just because the conversation feeds keep everyone involved. But I can also see why people are reluctant to make the switch as well

(Gazza) #42

maybe thats the issue with me with having not a lot of ram. I agree with your points though.

(Gavin Rainey) #43

Not much memory for me

(Sam Connolly) #44

Scroll down, there’s a hidden process

(Gavin Rainey) #45

not as high as you, strange.

Win10 x64 here

(Gazza) #46

ok nvm its not a ram issue for me

(Sam Connolly) #47

Yeah win 10 x64 here too, maybe it’s to do with what conversation you have open at the time or how many you’re joined to? I’m only in the SSRCG and i57 chats though.

Honestly, it’s really not an issue for me I was just just mentioning it’s not quite as efficient on memory usage as TS

(Gavin Rainey) #48

@Frosty et al

I finally got around to looking into the random lag spikes SOME people get and I fixed it :smiley:

Feel free to try again and report any issues you have.

The root cause seems to be down to discord being cloud based and them not being able to handle the load they get, I changed our servers region to a place with less load (this time from london to dam) and it went away instantly.

Like smidsy couldnt talk to it was perfect in seconds.

(Dean) #49

From London to dam

Why was this not done anyway?

(Ben ) #50

Because you touch yourself