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(Peter Woodberry) #21

XCOM 2 is a solid game I’ve only done one play through of it but its the only single player game I’ve played in ages.

(C**t ) #22

LW2 came out for it last week so getting it and that mod means you’ll get your moneys worth and then some.

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(Lethal) #24

Bought and shagged, ty <3

(Xenoscythe) #25

cheap, great game.

(Matt) #26

Bought overwatch when it came out, fantastic game. Good OC

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(Matt) #28

Fucking autocorrect

(Thom Haas) #29

The eye strikes again

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(Dean) #31

Hi Bobby, welcome to the forum

(Luke) #32

I have a 50% voucher for Dawn Of War III for some reason.
Think I got it for actiavating the game with a Razor product.
If anyone wants it your welcome to it.

(Xenoscythe) #33


not sure if my link will link to the reviews, but aint looking good haha.

Whats your views on it?

(Luke) #34

It’s by no means a bad game but compared to Dawn Of War 1 & 2 it has some huge areas for improvement.
The campagin is linear as f**k while Dawn of War 1 and 2 offered multiple play though options.
The graphics are nice and SFX look decent but come across as cartoon’esk compared to DOWII.
A few units become OP and shit on the WH40k lore (Space Marine devastators losing to Ork Shooa boyz)
Cover and been removed and replaced with some weird bubble shield shit.

The game is essentially Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 with a Warhammer 40k skin slapped on.

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