Grand Prix Liverpool

(DayC) #1

The Magic Grand Prix circuit comes to the greatest city on Earth today! An entire weekend of Magic: the Gathering limited play (Sealed and Draft) hosted by our American cousins at Channel Fireball and broadcast through the official Wizards of the Coast Twitch channel found below.

Starting with the first day there will be 9 swiss rounds of sealed format.All players with X-2-0 record or the top 64 (whichever number is greater) will then advance to day 2 on Sunday. This will cut down the 1850 players pretty swiftly.

Day 2 will continue the sealed format from day 1 with players using the same decks to play 6 more swiss rounds. The top 8 from this day will then advance to play a draft format on Sunday night.

Prize Pool

1st - $4,000
2nd - $2,700
3rd-4th - $1,500
5th-8th - $1,000
9th-12th - $600
13th-16th - $550
17th-23rd - $500
24th-32nd - $400
33rd-64th - $300
65th-100th - $250
101st-230th - $200

Pro points prize pool by placing
1st - 8
2nd - 6
3rd-4th - 5
5th-8th - 4

Pro points prize pool by total match points
39+ - 4
36-38 - 3
33-35 - 1
0-32 - 0

Anyone who is interested the games start atr 2pm on

(Rob Thomas) #2

Not sure they know a lot about Liverpool.

(DayC) #3

Everywhere else is shit.

(Gaskin) #4

How did you get on?

(Gavin Rainey) #5

probably got rekt by some kid with his cards behind his head

(DayC) #6

Haha I didn’t go I was ill but lots of positive feedback so I suspect there will be another there next year which i’ll attend.