(Mark Dornan) #1

So was looking at posts of people bitching about how shite DAYZ is on reddit and I see a guy talking about how advanced this H1Z1 has become as compared to DAYZ.

So I go check it out:

Dayz to be honest was butt fucked from the start due to the fucking shite engine it uses and I reckon it will never be finished and playable to a good standard, on the other hand this game looks really good.

(Dean) #2

Does it have less trees than DayZ?

(Xenoscythe) #3

Yep looks really good, shame dayz SA had to go with the shitty Arma engine again.

H1Z1 is basedon the forgelight engine I believe, which planetside 2 was built on, meant for huge areas and mass amounts of people/zombies!

(Nick) #4

Sounds like a first person Project Zomboid, haha. I’ll definitely pick this up but probably when I’m getting a new PC. I couldn’t run Planetside 2 even on lowest settings. >.>

(DayC) #5

Looks great but DayZ has taught me that early access is a complete fucking con, will pick up if enough people on here can vouch for it.

(Dean) #6

Can we call this game hizi instead of h1z1?

(Mark Dornan) #7

No Noodle.

(Paul Corkin) #8

Anyone playing this?

(Xenoscythe) #9

Have they fixed the pay to win yet?

(Paul Corkin) #10

Anyone can loot the airdrops. So kind of.

(Ben ) #11

Just got this and fun so far but would be better with other people. If any one fancies a blast add me on steam

(Gavin Rainey) #12


A lot of us play this now

Me, Smidsy, Noodle, Woodchuck, Jade, Rodney

We mostly play Battle Royale because we aren’t roleplayers.

(Sam Hather) #13

Will buy this and play with yous this weekend if anyone is gonna be on?

(Gavin Rainey) #14

yeah me and jade should be about lad

(Xenoscythe) #15

Played a bit of the open world stuff of this yesterday, quite enjoyable - needs more zombies though in the wild not just in cities and they need to be more aggressive, i was happily running through hordes and they just ignored me.

Shall give BR a try when people are around!

(Ben ) #16

I’m down for some open world role playing

(Gavin Rainey) #17

Battle Royale 5’s tonight? I wont be on until late so don’t wanna commit to CS:GO.

Me Jade ??? ??? ???

@Smidsy @Xenoscythe @WoodchucK @Noodle

(Xenoscythe) #18

What timeish? Im down if its not too late; got meetings tomorrow so need to make sure i actually sleep to stay awake during em :smiley:

(Gavin Rainey) #19

Im up at like 6 tomorrow to get my old man from the airport so id say 8-10/11 but if u drop out before we can still roll

(Peter Woodberry) #20

Got team games tonight so no can do unfortunately :frowning: