Happy wedding day to Tuto!

(Sam Hather) #1

For those of you who are unaware, our very own @Roozle / Tuto is getting married today!

Just thought Iā€™d make a post here to give everyone the opportunity to wish tuto the best :slight_smile:

I hope you have a fantastic day, you glorious kebab fiend x

(DayC) #2

Congratulations @Roozle! May your kebabs be tasty and your bears aligned forever more

(Sam Hignett) #3

Congrats @Roozle !

(Ben ) #4

Align the kebab

(Lethal) #5

Gz @Roozle have a great day mate

(Gavin Rainey) #6

Congratulations on your wedding my good friend, lots of love.

(Adam Harwood) #7

Congrats man! Hope it all went smoothly and best of luck for the future!

(Sam Hather) #8

(Peter Woodberry) #9

Gratz dude!

(Ben ) #10

I can not begin to describe Tutos speech. It was just normal Tuto with no filter applied! Never laughed so hard in my life!

(Liam Dakin) #11

I totally missed this ;_;

Thank you so much everybody!

Wedding Photos are up on Facebook hit me up if you want to be my friend! :wink: