Hardware Deals - Xeno's bargain bonanza

(DayC) #69

2TB HDD for prime members at £62 new

(Xenoscythe) #70

Few red flags there, Seagate being one, and 5400rpm :tired_face: - good as a storage drive for non important data, not much else.

(Gavin Rainey) #71

I got one for 7 quid from a 2tb skybox lads learn to pikey

(DayC) #72

Since when were Seagate considered bad? and yeah this was for storage not for applications :slight_smile:

(Adam Harwood) #73

I need a new keyboard. my razer chroma blackwidow is starting to fail. It has been cleaned out but keys are not responding as they should in game. Any suggestions on some new kit?

(Sam Hather) #74

I really like my corsair k70, would highly recommend!

Don’t know what the others on the market are like at the minute though

(DayC) #75

@ShipWr3ck are you looking for a bargain or any recommendation?

If any, then I have a Ducky One RGB TKL that I love and would highly recommend to anyone:

(Xenoscythe) #76

Seagate are blacklisted in my company since they have a habit of failing so much when large sizes and especially the 1.5tb & 2.5tb versions :sweat_smile: Kingston and OCZ too, when it comes to ssds since both their early models were absolute dogger.

I also recommend any corsair keyboard, I used the K95 myself, though it’s currently died after 4 years and I’ve only heard good things about duckys.

(Liam Dakin) #77

I absolutely despise my K70, i don’t think Cherry MX reds are for me, far too clumsy :smiley:

(Anthony) #78

I would recommend a Filco to your requirements. They lack things like macro keys, backlights and are pricey. But they are built to last - I’ve had mine for 9 years, not really looked after it and it’s still going strong.

(Xenoscythe) #79

£ 79.97 inc. vat - I dont rate kingston but this price is cheap.

(Xenoscythe) #80

£ 42.96 inc. vat - I dont rate kingston but this price is cheap.


Everytime you bump this thread I cringe clicking expecting my monitor again…

(Xenoscythe) #82

500GB M2 SSD 90 quid, bargain.

(Xenoscythe) #83

Decent. 144hz Freesync - Omen - 24.5" £189

(Xenoscythe) #84

34" IPS FreeSync 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor - £399 Bargain


(...) #85

Rebranded steel series Siberia v2 for cheap.

Comfy headset but the cables curl like fuck

(Xenoscythe) #86

Erm, not sure if pricing error but christ that is cheap £350 for a thread-ripper 1920x

(Dean) #87

Jesus, that’s unreal cheap

(DayC) #88

This seems decent