Hardware Deals - Xeno's bargain bonanza

(DayC) #41

Nearly 100 quid off an MSI 1060 6Gb

(Gavin Rainey) #42

pretty sure thats my card, legit piece of kit

(DayC) #43

1060’s are massively underrated for budget and mini builds imo! That 6Gb of vram goes far.

(Xenoscythe) #44

Thats the key, getting that 6GB vram version. So many people get the 3GB vram version and wonder why its barely an improvement. Anyone looking at upgrades should aim for 6 upwards now, with games being more and more unoptimized on release!


Seen what they’ve done with the 1030? -.-’

(DayC) #46

What’s up with it?


(DayC) #48

tl;dw pls I’m in work



(Xenoscythe) #50

GTX 1070 8GB £379

(Xenoscythe) #51

Blue yeti + Watchdogs 2 - £73 - good deal if you planned on getting the mic alone.

(Xenoscythe) #52

Cheap ssd’s back in stock again @ £25, highly recommend grabbing one to put your OS and csgo on: