Heroes General Thread

(Dean) #41

No worries, was just asking. I know you can have both. If you’re around feel free to jump in.

(Josh) #42

Does anyone actively play this? Need to get some people to play with, solo games are tedious.

(Matt) #43


Don’t think anyone else in the world plays it though

(Josh) #44

Why don’t you…damn you to hell!

(Paul Corkin) #45

Do people still play this? Spamming it a bit now playing Valla.

(Dean) #46

Yeah a few of us play it when we can. I need to keep on top of it since we run Heroes Tempest.

(Sam Hather) #47


(Paul Corkin) #48

I’ve only started playing yesterday, Played like 10 games, few on sona or whatever her name is and Valla. Pretty interesting game, enjoying it at the minute.

(Josh) #49

Will be able to get into ranked after a game or two I reckon. I have been enjoying this quite a lot.

@smather…Sgt Hammer seems to be played by utter fucking retards in all of my games. Just solo a lane and not leave it for the entirety of the game which generally makes you lose. Another hero at the moment getting on my tits is Illidin…everyone picking him seems to think they can dive in 1v5 and rape them all! Then proceed to blame people for their terrible decision/positioning.

I would like to play with a full party of people with an idea how to play MOBA’s lol. I think it has the potential to be an awesome game.

People feel free to add my BNET: Freebird#2491

(Paul Corkin) #50

I here you, I don’t like the quick match search style as in you don’t get to see what other heroes are being played, get into game and you have 5 ranged assassins, no healer, no tank etc… Zeratul is annoying as fuck at the minute for me. Pops up and 1 clicks me.

(Josh) #51

If I am playing a support hero and there is a cloaking hero on the other team I will choose the talent that reveals cloaked heroes and put it down practically every time it is off cool-down, or somewhere useful in team fights etc.
Trouble is I find other people who play support don’t do this very often and that is how the cloaked heroes get away with all manner of shit.
If you keep an eye out for them they are easy enough to spot but sometimes hard to reveal them if you don’t have an aoe ability as hitting something cloaked with a skill shot can go wrong pretty easily lol.

(Paul Corkin) #52

Yeah i try to use aoe to revel them but at times it’s tricky, especially in team fights. Half the time i think my support doesn’t know there is a talent to reveal them :frowning:

(Dean) #53

It all depends on the team comp I have really, plus LiLi and Brightwing don’t have the talent. If it’s a Nova, then I honestly don’t care for her. If it’s Zeratul, then it depends how many squishes I have on the team. If we have the AoE to bring him out then I’ll just use that, but again he does his thing and gets out so usually it’s hard to use it effectively anyway. It has games where it’s useful, but it’s not a 100% taken talent.

(Gaskin) #55

Four codes for access if anyone wants them.

(Josh) #56

I also have 4 codes if anyone would like one

(Matt) #57

Same as above

(Sam Hather) #58

My friend would like one if you’re cool with that, if not I understand! TY

(Gaskin) #59

Doubt anyone’s used those 4 I posted so feel free to try em.

(Sam Hather) #60

thanks bro, Josh sorted me out though.

(Dean) #61

So I’m back on this rather religiously again. Started playing a week ago and bought the new heroes. Might have played a little too much.