Heroes General Thread

(Spankpaddle) #82

No your problem in that game is you picked Tassadar :wink:

(Xenoscythe) #83

The only starcraft support :frowning: Damn dailys.

(Spankpaddle) #84

Diablo is getting their support now. A fucking monk… smh

(Dean) #85

Can’t wait to see the skill set. Since they are using D3 classes first, I can’t really see what else could have been support apart from Monk.

(Spankpaddle) #86

Well I guess a zdps monk is the closest thing to support. They just buff and debuff, if they go that route I can’t say I’ll be impressed. They have a nice bit of DPS and a weird shielding mechanic, but why add another shielding class.

I guess the real healing will most likely be done by a Priest like Velen, or Anduin. Vol’ijn is my off the wall wildcard tho. I can see some sort of other StarCraft support, maybe a medic.

(Dean) #87

If I was you’d I’d just be happy you was getting a support. He will have a DPS build as well so I’m guessing another hybrid support like Tassadar or Tyrande. Which is a bit shit, as the same 3 healers every game is getting old.

(Nathan Burton) #88

Anyone fancy some games?

(Matt) #89

I like hitting the minions.

(Xenoscythe) #90

(Sam Hather) #92

I’m in the same boat as Scott, played a few games and just couldn’t get into it at all

(Xenoscythe) #93

Wait i thought you were into heroes? According to the seatpicker thread.

(Sam Hather) #94

Nah but playing it with mates is alright.

Same as league really, would never play alone. But love the games I do play with m8s

Also I think gav was just being nice since I don’t know anyone other than everyone that was at gav’s really

(Scott) #95

gonna try again now and see if i get the hang of it

(Matt) #96

If one match isn’t enough, two is sure to be.

(Scott) #97

i wish colourblind mode did anything. with it on i still can’t tell the difference between enemy and allies. what does it even do?

(Matt) #98

Its probably designed for colour-blind people

(Scott) #99

what. i’m red/green colourblind (like most colourblind people) and i can’t tell the difference between ally and enemy health bars. the colourblind mode is supposed to fix that.

good thing there’s no last hitting or it would be impossible for colourblind people

(Spankpaddle) #100

Odd I have Deuteranopes rather bad and Colourblind mode in every game works for me

(Dean) #101

Colour-blind mode is terrible right now. Not actually sure what it does if anything. Hopefully it gets changed soon, as if you check the colour-blind mode in WoW it’s by far the industry leader. It changes the entire game for you, not just a few UI things.

It’s on their list of things to do as far as I’m aware.

(Scott) #102

Played a couple more with Valla, it was pretty good. I wasn’t partying with Ruff this time so I pretty much stomped everyone with just autos. Valla is pretty good.