Heroes General Thread

(Dean) #143

Waiting for the new matchmaking. It’s fucking awful right now, and gets worse every time they fix it. Nothing like being Rank 1 getting queued with Rank 32s on your team.

(Sam Hather) #144

Typical scrub comment

(Dean) #145

In a serious answer to this though, I don’t think it’s in a good state. Hardly anyone on my friends list plays it any more, the IRC and Discord are pretty much dead (Last time people were looking for more on Discord was mid December) and finding a mix in the Reddit chat takes hours.

I know a lot of people quit after the last matchmaking change, and the majority of top players have made their own Skype chats to organise mixes as they refuse to play Ranked due to the matchmaking and lack of bans (Tyrande is auto ban in every comp game at the minute and has a stupid high win rate in MM).

I’m interested to see how this tournament goes that Smather linked, but comp interest doesn’t seem that high with it being around 30th on average on Twitch, peaking at like 20k during big tournaments. Hate to say it’s doom and gloom cause the games good, but it hasn’t took off like people expected and they are following the WoW Arena timescale when it comes to balance.

(Ryan Roberts) #146

Anyone tried Tracer yet? Tried her last nice, a lot of fun to play. Not sure on the best build, apart from a few obvious picks, but it’s a fresh concept to bring to genre.

(Matt) #147

She’s really good fun, really mobile and got sick combos. I’ve not tried a melee based build yet but from what I’ve read they’re pretty strong. A lot of people that don’t have her yet are saying that she is the fucking devil to play against.

(Paul Corkin) #148

Greymane is my go to, Only champion i have loved playing in a while. His burst is nasty against most carrys.

(Luke) #149

Don’t mess with Murky son!

(Luke) #150

:point_right: Best of a bad bunch :point_left:

(Luke) #151

Seems to be just me spanning screenshots in this thread now.
:point_right:Still the best of a bad bunch :point_left:

Seems nobody plays HoS anymore :cry:

(Sam Hather) #152

Did you fix my tivo box yet

(Luke) #153

I didn’t realise it needed fixing, whats
wrong with it exactly?

(Sam Hather) #154

I think it just needs activating tbh hahah

Dean said he’d tell u to do it the fibber :frowning:

(Dean) #155

Yeah I’m an idiot haha.

(Luke) #156

Just ring up.
Get though to one of the non UK call centre.
Spend half hour on phone.
Get absolutely nowhere.

I bought a HoS shirt and a Heathstone hat from:

(Luke) #157

Quick messages to admins on Discord: @Xenoscythe @Easy if there’s others I apologize
but these are the two that come to mind.

Is there any change of getting a ‘Heroes Of Storm’ or ‘MOBA’ voice channel on SSRCG discord doe dar?

I play frequently with the girlfriend and have done so for near enough two years now aswell as the
odd randomer I’ve met though playing in parties on it in Quick matches.

If there’s a voice channel on Discord we can use that instead of using my own server and gives
people the opportunity to jump on and join us for a gay old time.

(Ben ) #158

Done for you :slight_smile: Enjoy

(Luke) #159

Much thanks … ‘BrewJew’s of the storm’ voice channel.
Fair play.

(Xenoscythe) #160

Valeera looks amazing.

(Luke) #161

She is really fun to play, have the two different types of moves whilst in/out of stealth is neat.
Bought her soon as she was avilable. Kept getting matched with Nova in Quick matches
and Valeera just owns her. It’s all about that ‘Cheap Shots’. Can’t find a build that I like though.
She’s deffo a top tier heroe. #Fangirl

(Matt) #162

Anyone still playing this?

There’s WoW mount to get but I don’t have any friends.