Hobbies and Interests

(Sam Connolly) #1

Typically all we talk about at SSRCG is games - and that’s fair enough, it is a game related forum. But I thought I’d kick off the discussion on what else you lot do outside of playing games?

I’m pretty big into my guitars, I’ve been slacking in recent years as dedicated a lot more time to uni and games than I did playing guitar, but have been getting back into it and signed up to lessons to fill some gaps in my theory.

Here’s a link to my gear if anyone’s interested

  • PRS Tremonti
  • Schecter Omen 6 with Dimebuckers in the bridge and Invaders in the neck pickup positions.
  • Ibanez Talman electro-acoustic
  • Line 6 Spider IIV
  • Line 6 POD XT Live
  • Peavey Studio Pro 112
  • Line 6 POD Studio UX2
  • Not featured: Dean Razorback

I want to stick with lessons for a little while longer as I’m definitely out of practice, and then I think I’ll get myself into a band because I’ve not played with one since I was 18, nearly 5 years ago now.

So what else bar gaming do you do to kill time?

(Gavin Rainey) #2

Gym, love lifting for strength and want to get a boxing gym in my garage.


Haven’t done much outside of gaming in recent years, used to go bouldering every week when I was in Leeds. I’ve registered to the Climbing Works but need to make time to go. Also really need to get my Drum kit back up and re-skinned now we’re in our own place again. Though it’s a basic starter 5 piece so getting it re-skinned may be a silly idea. Especially when I need to get a new pedal for my Base and sort the high hat as it used to slip all the time.


Sure you know Prio I can’t get enough of Tabletop RPGs. Currently playing in 2 separate games of 5th Edition D&D, running a game of Cyberpunk 2020, gonna be running at least 1 session of that for my brother and his mates too - Also got a game ready of 5th Edition to play with DayC and a few others, if they could bloody set a date.

I’ve been trying to learn some new systems like Star Wars, Call of Cthulu and Vampire/World of Darkness. I actually came across a super lightweight system called Risus which can be learned and played quickly, character creation takes a few minutes and you can play in any setting you can think of: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Pulp, Cyberpunk, Wild West, anything really. Was wondering if anyone might be into playing a game at i62 if I scrape enough cash together to come, games can be as short or long or serious or stupid as you like, and if you’re a player you don’t have to ‘learn’ anything really, just play along.

(Sam Connolly) #5

If I can hold beer while playing then I’ll be up for giving something a crack at LAN


You could hold 2 beers if you like, so long as you can see, hear, speak, and have some way to roll a dice you can play Risus. Also the drunker the better.

(Gavin Rainey) #7

Also I am going to the Pokemon Trading Card Game European Championship with @Rod next month.

Thanks to @DayC for the inspiration.

(Anthony) #8

I have been massively into cycling the last four months. Got rid of my cars and cycle everywhere I can now. Also train with a few locals I have met at weekends. I aim to do more charity rides in 2018, I have my eyes on London to Paris or Amsterdam.

It’s an expensive hobby/sport when starting out, but the investment has been worth it for me. Aside from the large charity rides next year, I have entered the ballot for London ride 100, and will enter various sportive/audax rides next season.

I haven’t taken any sport seriously in over 10 years, so once my fitness increases and I gain more experience, I will look to go competitive.

(Sam Hather) #9

Have you tried Divinity: Original Sin 2? There’s a D&D gametype in it and it looks class - but we need a dungeon master :frowning: definitely up for trying it out though, sounds fun!


Honestly had no idea that this was a thing until you mentioned it. I actually think it’s really interesting and I’d love to play it, but for me, it doesn’t offer what’s really special about roleplaying. It seems more like a mixture of Halo’s Forge and a custom story mode with some Fantasy Grounds and a dice system to make it seem more like a Tabletop RPG.

With this, your world and characters are limited to what’s available in the game engine. With a tabletop game you can describe something amazing and it’ll take seconds but with this, you have to design it yourself and it will never look or feel quite like what you have in your head - plus a lot of the beauty of a tabletop game is that when you describe something, everyone imagines something different; it might not be as vivid and ‘real’ as what you see in game but it is precise. Not to mention you can’t add as much personality to everything as you can with Tabletop for two reasons: say I wanted to have a crazy old wizard with two peg-legs and a ridiculous French accent, I couldn’t because you have to use Divinity models and systems. Also you would lose a lot of the stupidity and humour of Tabletop, I can imagine you could run a serious game in Divinity but very few Tabletop games go that way, there are dramatic moments but it’s definitely more about the social aspect, with Divinity the Game Master seems to be more of a map-maker than a true Dungeon Master.

The game also just can’t possibly hope to match the ridiculous depth you have with Tabletop, there is so much history and homebrewed content for D&D alone, there are so many different ways to make a character or design a world or create some magical object or write about history and culture. Like in my new setting I’ve decided to put a lot of my worldbuilding into how language works and what it sounds like and who speaks it and how it got that way (maybe none of your players will ever know these things or even care but it’s so much fun to be creative in this way). By comparison it just seems a little clinical to me.

That went on for longer than expected… sorry if that sounded like I was ranting, I would actually like to play this but from my perspective, it’s not fair for it to be compared to Tabletop, it’s completely different.

(Sam Hather) #11

Aye you’re probably not wrong about any of that Tbf… Unfortunately for people like me who aren’t blessed with an imagination it makes tabletop games a lot harder to get into than when things are actually infront of you like

(Ben ) #12

Aside from the old computer games my DJ career has picked up massively this year. Gone from playing in pubs last year, to getting a residency and playing at few festivals (One of them having about 70,000 people in attendance. I mainly mix Drum n Bass when im booked but I love all genres. Today I took the next step and invested in a decent studio set up, so my next step is to start production. Hyped!

Recently Gav has got me into playing Pokemon so I have been giving that whirl digitally whilst gaining some real cards and trying to forge a half decent deck.

With the recent purchase of my studio equipment I will more than likely be playing less and less as I get my teeth stuck into production, so it will be nice to have something away from the PC to hold my attention.


I don’t think you need to have a good imagination to play Tabletop really, I think your Dungeon Master needs one. Plus there’s no wrong way to play, some people really like getting into character, some like powergaming and trying to be as strong as possible, some people get really into the combat and treat it like a video game. I think there’s something for everyone if you get a decent DM, you might think you have a poor imagination but the right DM can paint a vivid enough picture that it doesn’t matter, and they’ll tailor their game to what their players find fun.

(Dean) #14

If me and Tuto make it to i62, you have to show us how to do this DnD stuff. We are both far too retarded to manage it ourselves.

(Sam Hather) #15

If you dodge another LAN i’m gonna shank you fam

(Dean) #16

Best get your knife ready, because it’s more likely than me attending sadly.


I’m gonna be packing a bit lighter this time so I’ll have some room to bring my books along, I’d be glad to teach you, love introducing it to new people. It always sounds complicated when you see someone playing or talking about it, but it’s simple enough really.

(Sam Hather) #18

What do you mean, why the fuck aren’t you coming?

(Lethal) #19

MEN, plenty of them, I’ll explain when you’re all older.