Insomnia 60 Post Apocalyptic Fallout

(Sam Hather) #181

Yeah me and @Nodawe were going to pick this up! I’ll make a thread on my return from Edinburgh tomorrow night :slight_smile:

(Lethal) #182

What’s everyone playing in at i60?

(DayC) #183

Magic for me


CS, need a 5th yo :wink:

(Tom Cannon) #185

The bar.

(Sam Hather) #186

Slabs on slabs on slabs.

(Thom Haas) #187

make the thread you rat

(Sam Hather) #188

Eating tea then i will xoxo

(Tom Cannon) #189

For real though, if there is a LawBreakers beta going on that weekend I might smash some of that out other than that I might try and drink away my distaste for OW and try playing that again.

(Sam Hather) #190

Unfortunately due to you being late you’ll be sat across from the sheff lot rather than with them!

Hope it’s sound you cunt

@Fergs I can’t seem to find you, have you placed your seat yet?


Nah, you said to give you seat management which I did. Do I need to do anything else?

(Sam Hather) #192

Yeah plop your seat down please and let me know where you’ve put it (there’s space where we are at the top left so putting yourself there would be helpful!) - It’s not possible to move a seat unless it’s already placed unfortunately.


Right, should be done now. B70

(Sam Hather) #194

Lol that’s your actual seat anyway, nice one!

(Sam Hather) #195

With the new additions

(Xenoscythe) #196

This is gonna be so weird…woodchuck…sat with us again?

(Gavin Rainey) #197

Like when he came to dadcon and he was actually real

(Peter Woodberry) #198

My body is ready.


You sure? You are with me and James man :wink:

(Luke) #200

Yeah no worries pal, glad to be on same table.
Good turn out :+1: