Insomnia 60 Post Apocalyptic Fallout

(Peter Woodberry) #201

Still need one for our CS mix at LAN, hit me up if you want to play it’ll be good fun :slight_smile:

(Sam Hather) #202

Hope you’ve all rented already… just went to rent a 144hz monitor and :frowning:

edit - I also bought a music ticket thingy for the saturday night if anyone else fancies it

(DayC) #203

I have not rented but a 60hz will do for me, i’ll be barely looking at the screen anyway, i’ll put an order in now.

EDIT: Put an order in for a 60hz, what on earth are those radio button images on that page haha!

(Adam Harwood) #204

I’m bringing my own gear again so no bother for me on the renting front. Also the Saturday night music line up isn’t filling me with great joy so I’m going to pass on that.

I will probably pop over the casino at some point on Saturday evening instead though if anyone would like to come flip some cards and roll the dice.

(Ben ) #205

You just go on your own and then Facebook live stream to all of us. Cheers mate thanks nice one safe big up bless

(Thom Haas) #206

Where is the casino? I’d be down for this @Electrix would be too I expect.

(Ben ) #207

Im down for some casino as well. Its near the complex iirc. Ill show you how to black some jack. @Noodle can confirm

(Adam Harwood) #208

So where the escalators / motorised walkways are, there’s another bit off that I think and it comes out near the lake around the back and casino is a bit further round the lake. I found the lake last time when I got lost…

(Xenoscythe) #209

that makes it look miles away but its like, 2 mins. You can see the genting arena when you walk out of the front doors.

(Peter Woodberry) #210

I’m keen for casino, got some points on my Genting card as well :stuck_out_tongue:

(Tom Cannon) #211

Yeah I’m game for some casino action too. Will have to try and dig my Genting card out.


I need a new mouse for I60. I’m not too tech-savvy so can anyone recommend me a decent mouse for less than £25? Not looking for much, just something responsive with a side button or buttons I can map push to talk to. I’d preferably like one that doesn’t look like a spaceship, I.E.: Less LEDs and hard geometric designs.

I was looking at this [] but I don’t know what brands are reputable and I’m loathe to trust a review from the general public. Regardless, that’s the kind of design I like.

(Xenoscythe) #213

That one has a horrid sensor (Avago 3050) has lots of cursor prediction and only really works well at 500dpi. I wouldnt recommend it, especially if you play FPS games.

Theres a few options around that price range for you:-
I’d recommend the Rival 100 for the price and the cougar 300m if you want to spend a bit more.

£17.90 -
Solid mouse. VERY good sensor for the price but is best suited to claw grip users, its oddly chunky.

£19.99 -
Steelseries Rival 100 for under £20?! super cheap, shame its gold. Good sensor, has side buttons.

£24.99 -
This one has no side buttons but has one big button you could map to that. Decent sensor for a cheap mouse.

£25.99 -
Good cheap option for all gaming. No side buttons but can rebind middle mouse and the dpi button i believe.

£29.99 -
Bit above your price range but is a solid mouse for the price range. Has a 3090 sensor and has side buttons.



@Xenoscythe thanks so much dude. I was looking at that Steelseries one but as I say I don’t really know what’s reputable. I’ll probably pick that one up. The main reason I don’t wanna drop too much is because I only really need it for LAN specifically - I use voice detection usually but that’ll be a problem in a big hall, I started PC gaming a lot later than the rest of the gang so keyboards still aren’t ideal for me, and pressing push-to-talk on my keyboard really throws me off my game.

(DayC) #215

I was going to rec that SteelSeries Rival 100 as well, the white is probably the better looking colour for 19.99 but I doubt you’ll get much better than that for the money!

(Dean) #216

Currently using that one, picked it up as a cheap back-up, but I don’t actually plan on replacing it. It’s fairly smaller than others though, but I’m weird like that.


I don’t mind a small mouse for mine hands are small like the tiny mammals they’re named after (probably another reason I’m not 100% comfortable with keyboards)

But I’ve picked up the Rival 100, white to match my PC. Thanks for the recs lads

(Sam Hather) #218

Just remembered when you got busted smoking out of the window last LAN in the hotel @Lethal :joy:

(Lethal) #219

I bloody forgot about that, thank fuck we didn’t get kicked out :joy:

(Adam Harwood) #220

I know this is short notice but if anyone is still needing a room, I have space in my room. It’s a 3 man room but I’m the only 1 in there.