Insomnia 60 Post Apocalyptic Fallout

(Peter Woodberry) #221

@smather is it possible to get my CS team sat together?

(Xenoscythe) #222

Doesn’t look like its possible, already 3 big groups catered for and the rest are in pairs.

(Sam Hather) #223

Unfortunately not mate, it’s alright bagel and xeno can high five each other

(Adam Harwood) #224

Can you not shift us 3 up to the end towards bagel and xeno and bring the other lads down? Does that not keep everyone in their groups still?

(Xenoscythe) #225

nope, cos then i lose tuto and hes my overwatch bae. And we need to be on that side so people dont see us playing quake under NDA

(Adam Harwood) #226

I mean like that?

(Sam Hather) #227

up to @Ogre tbh, he wanted to be sat next @Prio

edit - can’t seem to see Brew the jew in yours either

(Adam Harwood) #228

oh yeah i missed brew as i used the older version for names my bad. Never mind then :smiley:

(Gavin Rainey) #229

It isn’t up to Ogre, we aren’t moving.

(Sam Connolly) #230

What kind of time are people looking at arriving tomorrow?

(Ben ) #231

9ish. Leaving sheff about 7pm

(Lethal) #232

I’m aiming for 6pm-8pm. I arrived at 10pm last time but at least the queue was non-existent.

(Van Slab) #233

Have fun dads

I’ll see you all at Shambala on Saturday

(Lethal) #234

Saturday is going to be spasticated to it’s maximum.

(Ben ) #235

You will be waiting a while. Shambala is August

(Adam Harwood) #236

I’m gonna be leaving mine between 1-2pm so should be about by 4.30pm. Gonna go check my stuff in the hotel first and then come back and check in for insomnia/have a pint.

(Lethal) #237

@Noodle What hotel we staying at Dean in case I get there before you?

(Peter Woodberry) #238

Anyone know how the tickets work with The Ticket Factory? Can I add them to the Wallet app on my iPhone like with eventbrite or do I have to print something out?

Will be getting there around 8PM, going straight there from work so I’ll be buzzing off my nut all day tomorrow :smiley:

EDIT: Nevermind found them in my email. See you bitches tomorrow :smiling_imp:


Looking to get there for 2pm, like to get check in sorted and dump my shit in the hotel early.


I think me and Higgy will be there around 5-6