Insomnia 60 Post Apocalyptic Fallout

(Liam Dakin) #241

I’m hoping to arrive a little before 4, depending on how lost i get driving around Birmingham ;_;

(Gavin Rainey) #242

Itll be fine

(Xenoscythe) #243

Have you met Tuto? no it wont, he’ll end-up in Norwich.

(Liam Dakin) #244

loads of birmingham roads have changed since the satnav in my car came out. I generally just head in the general direction of where im supposed to be going and hope for the best!

(Lethal) #245

Work’s held me back so I’ll be late again. Probably between 8pm-9:30pm.

(Adam Harwood) #246

I haven’t left mine yet, TBH I haven’t even unplugged the computer. I’ll be about 7 now I reckon.

(James) #247

Anyone here yet?

(Liam Dakin) #248

Just parked up…

In the byoc queue

(Sam Hather) #249

My Mate’s team is looking for 1 @i60 if anyone is interested? CSGO

(Xenoscythe) #250

Rip, my mouse broken its double clicking :sleepy:

(DayC) #251

Thanks to all that came out this weekend. Feels like our group is getting bigger each time. Unsure if i’ll be at summer but i’ll try my best to make it.

(Sam Hather) #252

Excellent to see your lovely bald head again - looking forward to next weekend :slight_smile:

Was excellent to see you all again, many memories made as always.

Thank you @Nodawe for accompanying me to sleep every evening <3 and for becoming a pirate with me, we shall continue our search for the booty. To @joss for not setting Baloo the bear on us whilst we slept for keeping him up.

Had an absolute chortle, thanks to @Electrix for letting be one tap him on Inferno and feel special for a weekend, still can’t believe we got you.

Thanks to @Prio for the lift and the love, also for assisting me in trying to pray the gay away in @Ogre, unfortunately our conversion failed and he has infact infected young Daniel with his disease. We’ll cure you one day.

@Lethal for loving planes and trains and the way they choo choo as much as I do.

@Noodle for being an absolute spazz but somehow managing to cheat the system and get 8p bags of sweets- big up the Llama dance.

@Xenoscythe for being sexy as always, @Roozle for somehow still loving me after I triggered him 30290923 times on WoW.

@WaskilyWabit for being the official SSRCG Photographer, loads of good photos!

@SamHiggy @Veasu @AnDyBloop @AllScousers for the Golf with Dads, great fun was had, and you’ll never beat me in a competitive golf with dads scene when you chuck the Acorn into the mix.

@Rod for showing up and having a reyt chortle until the early hours of sunday morning.
@Easy for being the ultimate dad all weekend and being in the hotel by 7 due to unforeseen circumstances.

@Smidsy for the skank and for trying to help with the carry in the tournament :wink:

@ShipWr3ck for being renamed ‘Harold’ lmao.

@catalystc for getting some fabulous montage cliperonis.

@Brew_Drinker for being a jew who somehow uninstalled his network card drivers ???

@Bagelzend for being bagel and for being the only person at LAN shorter than me.

@Fergs for being a retard and losing not only his monitor but also his baccy tin in the same day.

@djjcsgo (WAIT HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN REGISTERED ON HERE? I COULD NEVER FIND YOU IN THE MATCH THREADS) - for being a faggot all weekend who enjoys bashing his bishop over some cookies.

@Cabbage last but not least for being an autistic retard with a better London accent than Harry. Much love to you, you beautiful balding eagle.



(Peter Woodberry) #253

So I sat with everyone at LAN for once and @smather still misses me out :cry:

(Sam Hather) #254

Completely intentional, sit with us again next LAN and ur in

Edit- infact no, change your name back then you’re in x

(Black cabbage) #255

i love u coming august deff!

(Black cabbage) #256

also thanks to @Nodawe’s mom for buying me pints . deff real

(Sam Hather) #257

love u my brother x

(Gavin Rainey) #258

You guys are why we do this.

Top stuff lads!

(Sherenne) #259

It was awesome to see you all again. Thank you for having me and putting up with me, seriously :slight_smile:

But here you all go, enjoy! Although it has been pointed out I need to get sone more solo shots next time.

See you all in August!

(Lethal) #260

@WaskilyWabit Pics are sick! Cheers for taking them :thumbsup: