Insomnia 60 Post Apocalyptic Fallout


Got home to immediately find my monitor busted, the last of the LAN tragedies

(Peter Woodberry) #282

I tell a lie I took one photo at LAN

(Sam Hather) #283

inb4 many pictures of me surface into the real world of Facebook

(Black cabbage) #284

I still have not seen a video of me and @smather rolling on the floor at i58

(Sam Hather) #285

@Noodle is the one with the footage

nvm @Cabbage I found it


(Adam Harwood) #286

I put must of positioned my monitor and case incorrectly in the car and have scratched all the screen. Really noticeable on a white background/when the screen is off. Not so much in-game though which is good.

(Thom Haas) #287

this is the best thing i have ever seen.


Cheers all for another awesome LAN! I’ve actually been dead these last few days despite not doing too bad at LAN.

Cheers to @Xenoscythe, @Ogre, @Mania, and @ShipWr3ck for the mix team, had a shit load of fun with it.

@Ogre and @Mania for sharing the hotel.

@Easy legend

@Smidsy sick plays on Militia

@Noodle, @Roozle for being QC kings, lfg Thursday lads.

@smather for just being a sexy beast.

@Lethal, @Rod many dad’s shagged, Billy Herrington would be proud.

@WaskilyWabit for the drink and food runs mid game.

And to all I’ve missed! Bring on SUMMERLAN!

(Gavin Rainey) #289


(Liam Dakin) #290

100% biggest dodger at lan goes to Gordons Gin

(Sam Hather) #291

Erm hello? @Nyu Gordon’s Gin is trying to take your throne.

(Dean) #292

He lost his title as biggest dodger years ago. You have to attempt to attend to be classed as a dodger.

(Adam Harwood) #293

A late thanks from me is better than no thanks at all.

So here goes;

Thanks to @Ogre, @Mania, @Bagelzend & @Xenoscythe for playing alongside me so I could finally play CS at a LAN. Although the win column was a little bare, we did take a team that qualified for the pro brackets scalp on Day 2. It was a great experience and I had fun. Also thanks for lending us the mouse mat Pete. Was greatly appreciated!

@Easy thanks for watching a Jean-Claude Van Damme film (co-starring that other big action star Rob Schneider…) with me @ 4am in the morning. You was more than welcome to stay for free but you also bought me a Dixy chicken meal combo which was fabulous.

@Smidsy wearing shades just like your CT character model. Did you win a Militia competition against the devs, so they put you in the game???

@Cabbage, @Electrix, @djjcsgo, @Nodawe & @joss for some exciting CS games and some hilarious moments including the reappearance of the salamander drinking skills.

@Veasu, @DayC & @Prio for that epic game. It was so funny watching Tom destroy both of you!

@smather and everyone else who had to hop the fence out of the car park. Great moment right there.

@Lethal for showing us the 18 year old version of himself on youtube.

@WaskilyWabit for some great pictures and letting me use your chair to balance for a couple of minutes (it felt like hours) while I was feeling the effects of super snus!

@Noodle for the new pandi mouse mat and displaying some of that keyboard on lap skills during the Militia game (Yes, I’m talking about the shotgun in tin hut!!!).

I’m sorry if I’ve missed anyone, there are so many people to thank. I will make it up to you at i61 if you are going!

@Rosa_Kaninchen I told Gav to say hello and best wishes to you as I departed. Just in case he didn’t I send them now! Also thanks for the slab, I think I got a drink from it!

(Sam Connolly) #294

Tom didn’t destroy shit! I am the king of Wormax and you shall all bow down to my massive worm!

(Sam Hather) #295

There’s only @Ogre bowing down to your worm, mate.

(Luke) #296

Men Men Men Men Menly Men Men Men Mennnnnnnn…

Everyone looks really photogenic barr from Dean who looks like he’s gonna bottle me…

(Thom Haas) #297

It’s because he’s fingering me, hence the nazi salute


(Luke) #299

Jeeze… that was errie…

(Sam Hather) #300

hahahah @Noodle willing to slay many man for his creme eggs