Insomnia 60 Post Apocalyptic Fallout

(DayC) #101

Top left corner master race imo, no lower than 3 blocks from the top imo

(Van Slab) #102


(DayC) #103


(Sam Hather) #104

You must have just creamed everywhere.


(Sherenne) #105

So here-ish?

(Sam Hather) #106

Yeah I reckon so, do you have a season ticket? if so, go across towards the middle if you can please, then we can get everyone else placed around you and hopefully people will be too scared to choose near you haha

like be incredibly awkward and go 5 or 6 seats across haha

(Sherenne) #107

Yeah i’ve got a season ticket. I’ll see what I can do, currently getting an error message.

(Sherenne) #108

Better? Hopefully people will stay away haha

(Sam Hather) #109

Perfect - thanks love.

(DayC) #110

Both at this and at @WaskilyWabit’s actual organisation that I fail to possess.

(Sam Hignett) #111

Yo can you get people to move you around and shit on this seat picker?

(Sam Hather) #112

Yeah - make me seat manager.

(Peter Woodberry) #113

Can someone link the seat picker I’m being a spack and can’t find it

(Sam Hignett) #114

(Sam Hignett) #115

Seems as though I can’t until I can pick a seat and I’m a season ticket bloke so I’ll sort it out on friday I guess.

(Sam Hather) #116

Yeah nobody will be able to do it until i’ve picked my seat IIRC

(Sam Hignett) #117

Given you seat management (At least I hope I have), do what you want with me you sexy beast…no homo

(Tom Cannon) #118

Chosen a seat and given my permission to Smath now.

(Sam Hather) #119

Nice one boys, Seatpicker is being an arse for me atm.

edit - YES @SamHiggy block those cunts off with me

(Tom Cannon) #120

Yeah it was for me too. Had to use Higgy’s work computer as it wouldn’t load for shit for me. Try using Chrome if you haven’t that was the only difference for us here.