Insomnia 60 Post Apocalyptic Fallout

(Dean) #141

You make it sound like a bad thing

(Adam Harwood) #142

Imagine if insomnia had a second csgo tournament with the non active duty maps. Aztec/Militia/Italy/Vertigo. It would be class.

(Gavin Rainey) #143

Imagine me winning a tournament you mean?

(Dean) #144

But it might draw people away from the prestigious Insomnia CSGO tournament.

(Van Slab) #145

Would bring in loads of Russians would be great

(Gavin Rainey) #146

0 germans tho coz they all fecking hack

(Ben ) #147

Vertipros unite!

(Adam Harwood) #148

I cannot argue with this.

(Lethal) #149

If you said men’s toilets I would of asked to swap seats.

(Sam Hather) #150

Don’t be silly mate, with the amount of kebab’s that we eat there’s no way we’d both fit in there!

Clood where u at?

(Sam Hather) #151

@ShipWr3ck do I need to leave space for gril

(Adam Harwood) #152

no, she is only coming on a day pass now. So no need to worry.

(DayC) #153

@Fergs I think you’re the only one that I havn’t spoken to a while mate so throwing this notification out incase you havn’t seen this thread yet.

(Sam Hather) #154

wait, @Brew_Drinker have I missed you out?!

(Sam Hather) #155

Bloody bastard on the end says he doesn’t want to move now

(Sam Connolly) #156

Send him a picture of a wheelchair

(Sam Hather) #157

First draft… what are people’s thoughts on this? @WaskilyWabit @Bagelzend @Xenoscythe @Roozle @Noodle @Lethal @Smidsy @Nodawe @Cabbage @catalystc @DayC @Veasu @SamHiggy

Unfortunately with there being two mix teams it’s quite hard to split the desks between those teams as all together there’s 15 of us teaming, then there’s the scousers who need to stick together too and the sheff lot, so @Bagelzend is a bit of an outlier in seating but it doesn’t really matter since you’re all on ts anyway?

(Ben ) #158

Looks good to me

(DayC) #159

@smather from the Scouse perspective I think it looks great, the only one that needs to be with anyone else at present is @Prio who’s playing CS so make sure you speak to him make sure he’s in the right place. The rest of us all look good though. Maybe Switch @AnDyBloop and @SamHiggy to that he can sit with @Fergs and they can watch anime together. Most of our card game activities will be done in the table top area anyway, sorry my bad.

(Sam Hather) #160

cheers big dave… i’ve switched @SamHiggy and @AnDyBloop around now. Have asked Sam if he’s still okay with this arrangement too.