Insomnia 60 Post Apocalyptic Fallout

(Sam Hignett) #161

Yo it still says that I’m next to DayC. Might just be that the site is shit and not updated but yeah If you could switch me and Bloop then that’d be fucking sick.

Edit : I’m a retard and didn’t notice you’ve not set it on the seat picker yet. Ignore me.

(DayC) #162

Try not to act too excited to get away from me :cry:

(Sam Hignett) #163

You know I love you bbz. It’s for your own good. You don’t want to be near us when we weebing it up.

(Sam Hather) #164

Yeah i’d only updated on my spread and not on the site as was on my phone… should be done on here too now :slight_smile:

(Sam Hignett) #165

Awesome, seating looks great to me! Can’t wait to see all you dad shaggers again.

(Sam Hather) #166

Been too long since the butt-fuck parade has been together x

(Thom Haas) #167

put gav on the end and move the team across gav wont have a pc so itll just be a seat that he can move anywhere

(Sam Hather) #168

@Smidsy had requested to be next to Gav’s space to put all the costco shit on it which is why it was there

(DayC) #169

I mean I can’t forget your windmilling your fucking dick, that was a special moment in my LAN history.

(Sam Hather) #170

Yeah I get the feeling that’s burnt into a few memories. Especially @Ogre’s.

(Sam Hignett) #171

I haven’t had a full nights sleep since. Wait that could be taken in the wrong way…

(Adam Harwood) #172

@Noodle Are you bringing some mouse mats to i60? I would like to get one of the larger sized ones if possible?


Sorry, haven’t checked up on the site in a while. Am I cool to sit in B69 (nice) between @SamHiggy and @ShipWr3ck ?

(Sam Hather) #174

The seating above on the spreadsheet is correct not the one on seatpicker itself, is that above seating cool?


You mean the one in the spreadsheet? Yeah that’s cool, just what do I pick on the actual seatpicker?

(Sam Hather) #176

click the ‘manage my byoc’ thing or whatever it says, then give seat management to ‘Smathar’ please…

then I can sort out where everyone sits :slight_smile:

(Xenoscythe) #177

looks good @smather - @DayC and @SamHiggy within m&m throwing distance too. :relieved:


Donezo, I’m cool to sit wherever really.

(Luke) #179

@smather I’m actually coming now, literally coming everywhere.
I’ve assigned you my ticket rude boy.


Me and @SamHiggy were trying to think of something we could play at LAN (other than League and CSGO). I was thinking it might be a fun time if we got 6 or so people to pick up Blackwake, just wondered if anyone might be game for some fun on the Seven Seas?

(Optional: We all learn sea shanties to sing while we play)