Insomnia61 Prep Thread

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Whos going? Who is confirmed?


(Thom Haas) #2

me @joss @Mania @Cabbage @Cecil all confirmed and booked into hotel :smiley:

(Sherenne) #3

Everything’s sorted, so I’m coming

(Lethal) #4


Translation: I’m coming as per usual

(Sam Connolly) #5

'Fraid not this time boys, hope it’s a good’n

(Adam Harwood) #6

And you put an angry face on my Facebook profile for not going. Prio… pot kettle comes to mind.

(James) #7

I shall be coming so you’ve got at least one bender - will put us seated near you guys

(Ben ) #8

Us? Who let you be their friend now? Are they aware of your hat wearing abilities?

(James) #9

Haha they aren’t but im sure you will enlighten them either that or ill just find another one to wear with prio’s baguette

(Sam Connolly) #10

Nah mate they’ve got loads of kettles at LAN.
But maybe you’re the reason I’m not going :frowning:


(Gavin Rainey) #11

So who wants to make a CS Team?


I’ll be coming as well, though I’ll be booking later on this month. I’ve got space in the hotel room as well if anyone needs.

(Matt) #13

How much is the room?


It’s £128 each, or £85 if we can find someone else mate.

(Matt) #15

Righto, I’ll try to get back to you asap.


Nood’s now staying with me as well man so if you’re still up for it man it’d be £85

(Lethal) #17

If Matt doesn’t take the space Chris I’ll grab it, if he does I’ll make other arrangements

(Sam Hignett) #18

From the scouse lot, I think only me and @AnDyBloop have our tickets right now lol. I hope @Fergs and @ManyReasoN go as well otherwise Liverpool would be woefully under-represented.

(Gavin Rainey) #19

If you are low, park next to me mate, ill buy 24 packs of caradigis mate ready to go

(Sam Hignett) #20

Have we sorted out where everyone is sitting yet? Also just a heads up in case anyone is interested, the pub quiz tickets go on sale tomorrow midday.