Insomnia61 Prep Thread

(Gavin Rainey) #21

good point ill get my ticket n get it sorted


@Frosty @Lethal Unfortunately not attending now guys, so you’ll have to try and sort something else I guess

(Gavin Rainey) #23

where do we wanna sit?

(Peter Woodberry) #24

Seatpicker looks fucking rammed already when did they release it I didnt get an email like I normally do :open_mouth:

(Sam Hather) #25

If you’ve pre-booked hotel and not cancelled yet I’ll take it in your name with dad and frosty?


Yea that should be fine man. I’ve not cancelled it yet, I think I should be able to change it to your name on the booking and also change it to one of your debit cards as well if someone wants to take that honor.

(Lethal) #27

Any chance I can shag on your floor if you go ahead with that?

(Thom Haas) #28

Can I cum in you too

(Peter Woodberry) #29

We need to be on this so we can get a good block of seats ASAP

(Gavin Rainey) #30

Lookiung at AQ85 AR85 as start points


(Sherenne) #31

More seats live at 5pm tomorrow

(Gavin Rainey) #32

my name is Karneasy, not Karnesus in the seatpicker @WaskilyWabit even though I 100% put it as Karnesus and mentioned it to you and others right away

(Peter Woodberry) #33

All seated and ready to go! :smiley:

(Sherenne) #34

Welp, now that LAN’s over I thought I should share all the photos I took. I made sure to document some of the more ‘intimate’ moments you guys had, and hey, the pics don’t just consist of the back of peoples heads this time! xD Enjoy the good 141 photos of random shit! ^^

Thank you to all for having me and yeah, for making it such an amazing time, I can’t remember how many times I ended up crying I was laughing so hard! You’re all awesome, and see you next time!

(Black cabbage) #35

Ty for another great event and all the great memories :heart::heart_eyes:

(Peter Woodberry) #36

Me babysitting Andre out of game as well as in it.

(Thom Haas) #37

good lan friends. I am free from the TeqR team once and for all :smiley: