Insomnia62 - March 29 (EAS) to April 2

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Who is ready?

A lot of us work long hours, dont play as many games, I think it would be a great opportunity now to plan ahead, and have an insomnia of old, with big numbers and lots of fun.

TeqR esports will be there for CS, of course.

Myself and Jade will be there, and I would love to see you too.

Lets make some teams, play some hearthstone, drink some beer and eat some Dixy @ShipWr3ck

(Xenoscythe) #2

My body is ready, cuon

(Sam Hignett) #3

(Tom Cannon) #4

I’m confident the scouse crew will be there in force this time. I am booking my Ticket and Hotel tomorrow either way.

(Peter Woodberry) #5

My body is ready!

(Adam Harwood) #6

I plan to get my ticket on Friday and I also hope to be getting my mate Jake to come with us as he enjoyed meeting the guys at Summer LAN with a couple of others guys I usually play with also interested…

Dixy Chicken 4 lyf @Easy. Get them to sponsor TeqR and get it on the shirt.

(Sherenne) #7

I’ll be there

(Van Slab) #8

Might be moving around spring time so will be down for the day or not at all

Hopefully will be byocing summer lan :harrygasm::harrygasm::harrygasm::harrygasm::harrygasm:

(DayC) #9

Ticket factory just dying for anyone else?

EDIT: Nevermind I’m in, ticket bought.

For anyone else with Gold discount someone enquired on the fb page:

(Matt) #10

Will be there.

Not sure if I’m gonna drive down or not but if I do gimme a shout if you want a lift, unless you’re from Sheffield and got me a bus lane contravention.


I should be there, hotel booked and looking to grab my ticket sometime near Christmas.

(Tom Cannon) #12

Hotel and Ticket booked. Roll on March

(Sam Connolly) #13

Ticket bought :grin:
Going to give tournaments a swerve this time, have tried a few CS tournies and don’t feel like I’ve dedicated the time nor have I improved enough for it to make it worthwhile finding a team and having any chance of not getting destroyed game after game.

So instead, Golf with Dad’s mega sesh for me

(Sam Hather) #14

FedEx Express will be in attendance my friends :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing you all

(Henry Simmons) #15

Looking forward to the weekend :smiley:

(Thom Haas) #16

can confirm probably enough to field a team :smiley:

(Anthony) #17

Hotel booked, will book ticket in the coming weeks. Going to try and bring the mrs with me to.

Will be 3 years since my last LAN, feel like a dinosaur.

(Gavin Rainey) #18

good to hear, good bunch of lads

(Peter Woodberry) #19

Your name could have been anything and you chose this?

(Sam Hather) #20

Gutted we missed out on this boiz