James's Dissertation survey

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Hello everyone so I am creating this thread to basically grab some attention I am in my final year of uni and for my dissertation I am doing a study on Electronic Sports Management. I created a small questionnaire that won’t take you too long to complete i’d say 15mins tops… But if you could fill it out I would really appreciate it!

The form does not ask for any personal information such as your name or address, it does ask for your gender and your age. For anyone that doesn’t associate themselves as being neither male/female can you just tick one as i couldn’t find the tab that would allow me to enter more options :)))))

Anyone that is going to complete the form must have been in an Esports team, im not bothered whether it was a “serious” team or not if you could just fill out the form the best you can it would help a lot.

I must stress that you have to have been in a team at least once, no matter what game it was - Games such as Hearthstone and Starcraft where you are playing on your own won’t really help due to my study being about teams in Esports.

Any questions that you can’t fill out just leave blank

Thank you in advance and I hope you fill it out.


Just click the link and happy filling


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You can’t just not be part of the community for over a year and then ask me to complete a survey YOU MUG

edit - done xoxo

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Ill do something nice… ill help out the lgbt part of this community even tho its literally me and one other person? >.>


What about Noodle?

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Thats who I was talking about…? :joy:

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James talks to me more than you


Done for you matey <3

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Remind me tonight and I’ll do it mate

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I nearly choked on my dinner.

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Thank you to everyone who filled one of these in, tbf some of the answers were quite funny… Think my favourite has to be the Minecraft PvP online arena player… Whoever you are you gave me a giggle :joy: