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(DayC) #1

Today Blizzard released the upcoming balance changes that will take effect on the 26th April (27th in EU), there are quite a few with some you may not expect. All in all it shows Blizzard have been genuinely testing in the new environment and rather than just whacking the cost up by 3 or 4 (looking at you Starving Buzzard) they’ve actually thought about the changes they’ve made, made clear by certain obscure nerfs that they’ve clearly had problems with in the testing environment. I’ve summarised the changes below.


  • Iron Beak Owl - Now 3 cost instead of 2.
  • Big Game Hunter - Now 5 cost instead of 3.
  • Knife Juggler - Now 2 attack instead of 3.
  • Leper Gnome - Now 1 attack instead of 2.
  • Arcane Golem - Loses Charge. Health goes from 2 to 4.
  • Molten Giant - Cost up to 25 from 20.


  • Blade Flurry - Now only deals damage to enemy minions. Cost up to 4 from 2.
  • Master of Disguise - Now only gives stealth until your next turn.


  • Hunter’s Mark - Cost up to 1 from 0.

and now the one you’ve all been waiting for…


  • Ancient of Lore - Now only draws 1 card instead of 2.
  • Force of Nature - Treants no longer die. Treants no longer have Charge. Cost down to 5 from 6.
  • Keeper of the Grove - Health down to 2 from 4.

tl;dr reasoning

  • Druid combo needed time to react.
  • Ancient of Lore was an auto include every time and gave too much card advantage.
  • Keeper is very powerful with the choice of silence or removal. Opponent should be able to deal with the minion easily. Having a sticky minion, silence or damage is just too strong.
  • Silence is incredibly strong and having a 2 cost minion with it was too strong.
  • BGH is a decent stat minion with built in removal, becomes an auto include.
  • Hunter’s Mark is too efficient.
  • Blade Flurry enables board clear and burst damage, not two things that should happen together. It also doesn’t leave room for Rogue cards to be designed.
  • Juggler too stronk at 3 and very efficient ability.
  • Leper Gnome too stronk at 2 and stops other 1 mana drops from seeing play with the sheer amount of damage output in the early game.
  • Arcane Golemn is a simple balance change, like silence Blizzard begins to dislike Charge with the problems it brings and this nerf’s aggro again like a lot of these changes.
  • Molten Giant is changed because it was being enabled too easily. I’ll post my opinion on this below.
  • Master of Disguise clearly worked insanely well with some minions in testing and became oppressive, this stops future abuse of cards.

My Opinion

These are all incredibly interesting changes, I certainly didn’t expect Hunter’s Mark or Master of Disguise but these are the two that quite obviously caused problems in a test environment, for example Hunter’s Mark has stupid synergy with the upcoming C’Thun.

Druid took the nerfs it deserved without making the cards they’ve changed completely unplayable. The healthy threat of Savage Roar still exists so proper board presence is required in games to assure you don’t get blown out.

All the neutral minions are generally focused towards nerfing aggro. Blizzard more than likely adores watching their games on streams when people have cards in hand, are thinking of their choices and making intelligent plays. Aggro goes against all of these ideologies.

Blade Flurry is a necessary nerf to allow design options to open up for Rogue, putting good weapons and other board clears in is near impossible with this card in its original form.

I really like these changes and the direction Blizzard are going with the core set of cards. They quite clearly want to cripple aggro and let you play your big, exciting minions. We’ve seen roughly 72 cards out 134 cards so there’s still a lot to see before jumping to conclusions on which classes are strongest.

(Ryan Roberts) #2

The blade furry nerf is way over the top, double the mana and take away the hero damage? They’ve just decimated Oil Rogue and made a class that’s struggled with aoe removal struggle all that much harder.

(Gavin Rainey) #3

the nerfing of master of disguise makes me think rogue is gonna be strong in other ways, however, I still agree.

Whispers of the Old Gods - Announcement Cards
(Van Slab) #4

Nice I’ve got a golden blade flurry to get rid

(Gavin Rainey) #5

same i got one last night

(DayC) #6

This entirely depends on what they have in the rest of the set, i’ll wait to agree or disagree depending on the remaining cards. The change was necessary though the card was incredibly oppressive as it was, no room for good board wipes or weapon design in your class with that as its old self. They have to back up the change with good, balanced cards to get Rogue back in the game. So far we’ve only seen 4 cards for Rogue with all other classes showcasing 5-6 besides Shaman. Rogue and Shaman are the absolute weakest classes in constructed formats right now so hopefully they’re saving the best til last.

I completely agree with it being strong in other ways. Start / End of turn effects are what comes to mind for me, either of these would have been abused by Master of Disguise and with their clear goal of “we want you to be able to interact with cards” this fits in very well.

Don’t disenchant anything until you’ve seen everything. Could still be a monster combo weapon with the card yet, people acting like 4 mana for a wrath is bad.

(Ryan Roberts) #7

Quite right we can only comment on what we have revealed so far, but if the four remaining Rogue cards are to the quality of Thistle Tea then I’m not optimistic. Unless something neutral comes up with some great synergy.

(DayC) #8

Oh god no more Thistle Tea please, the rest of the cards are promising, they just need to follow in the same theme. A nice strong weapon with a death rattle (to follow the current theme of new cards) would do Rogue wonders.

(DayC) #9

Day9 gives his opinion on the nerfs. Talks mostly about the blade flurry nerf for a few mins. Basically exactly the same reasoning as I gave for it.

Amaz predicts 8 of the cards being nerfed and comes close to wanking himself off.

(DayC) #10

Bonus salt, Reynad.

(Adam Harwood) #11

I’m perma banned from reynads twitch chat for calling him out about his salt levels. So always nice to see him crying like a 3 year old.

(DayC) #12

Yeah many people have been I believe. He likes to keep up the persona and not disturb the character on stream so anyone who calls him out to try and break character will likely get ban hammered.

He’s also a cheat, see his mtg ban. Basically wasn’t good enough to play magic so tried to cheat his way to the top, got caught immediately and quit to bring his shitty attitude to the HS community.

(DayC) #13

Kibler, currently on pro tour Madrid for MTG, weighs in on the nerfs.