Keyboard advice

(Thom Haas) #1

Anyone got any god tier advice they can give me on keyboards?

I’ve never had a mechanical keyboard & I really need a new one.

I initially wanted but I can’t find it available anywhere.

I don’t wanna spend too much because it’s a present to me from my sister technically.

(C**t ) #2

When you say, spend too much how much are you thinking? As that board will of been £80 from OCUK, also are you 100% dead set on MX Reds and do you need a numpad?

If you’re dead set on MX Reds then something like that is a decent board but more than the CM would of cost.

(Thom Haas) #3

Im a keyboard pleb. I dunno what switches mean what

I only play CS and scratch my balls. I don’t really care about a numpad although my binds are currently on it.

I’m willing to pay more but I reckon £150 is probably my limit.

(C**t ) #4

When it comes to switches its mainly preference, I’ve used MX Reds and MX Browns and id say I prefer MX Browns, whereas @Freebird preferred MX Reds. Reds being linear don’t have much of a feel to them whereas Browns are more tactile so you get more of a tactile feel to them. This is probably more in line with your budget:

( Amazon Link)

MX Brown, RGB, TKL. As someone thats been to LANs having a TKL or 60% its so much better as you just have so much more space on your desk. Ultimately it comes down to is how much you want to spend, the build quality is probably better on the ducky but its not RGB, but its cheaper.

(Thom Haas) #5

Thanks for the input. I really like the look of the cooler master one tbh.

(-.---.) #6

I recommend the Corsair K70 Vengeance (even the RGB one that @smather has, so jealous), never had any problems with it (Blue switches).

(Sam Hather) #7

it flashes TeQR colours at me and makes my pee pee wiggle


Picked up this for £12:

Not mechanical but it still feels damn good and will probably be on offer again soon. No problems with multi-key presses either like a lot of the budget Keyboards seem to have.

(Paul Corkin) #9

I have this one and it’s pretty nice, hasn’t give me any problems since picking it up a year ago.

(Gavin Rainey) #10

Whats TeQR?

(Sam Hather) #11

:frowning: meant TeqR ofc, phone caps are too hard for my retard sausage hands.

(James) #12 quite like this keyboard.

yes i am a razer faggot fuck you all…
Ducky keyboards are gud tho :smiley:

(Sam Hather) #13

Yes you are

(Adam Harwood) #14

This is the same as my keyboard. Razer make their own Green switches for this if I remember correctly.

One con I found is, sometimes it seems to ‘stick’ a key press and continue moving one way after I let go and when I want to go another direction, I have to reclick the key to ‘unstick’ it.


Have the original Blackwidow myself, not had any issues with it at all to be fair and would certainly recommend, had it for around 2 years so far I think.

(Gavin Rainey) #16


My idol mate, real talk though that’s some serious fanboying right there.

(Sam Hather) #19