London to Brighton charity ride 17/09/17

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Hi all,

I will be taking part in the London to Brighton charity ride on 17th September 2017. Muscular Dystrophy is a group of muscle wasting diseases. It’s something I didn’t really know about until I met my girlfriend a couple of years ago and meeting her family. She has two brothers with it, one has duchenne muscular dystrophy, and the other has becker muscular dystrophy. She also has other family members with it as it runs in her family.

I have been cycling for a couple of months now on a road bike and set the London to Brighton ride as a goal as something to train for. Having got to know my girlfriend’s brothers and seeing the effect of muscular dystrophy helped me decide upon Muscular Dystrophy UK as my charity of choice.

Any support, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated. You can donate here

If you can’t afford to donate, any words of support will be appreciated just as much :grinning:

I will keep this thread updated with my training progress from Strava.

The route is approximately 54 miles / 87 km. I will be riding this solo and am looking to do my absolute best in terms of time, average speed and power output while on the bike. With all the training and commuting I’ve been doing on the bike recently, I am feeling a lot fitter, and once this charity ride is done, I will be looking to do more next year.

Thanks for reading,


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Today’s workout

(Anthony) #3

My rides over the last 4 days.

(Anthony) #4

My rides from Friday and Sunday.

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2 punctures :slightly_frowning_face:

My rides from the last couple of weeks. A couple missing as I had a broken phone for a few days and had to replace. Starting tomorrow around 0545. Cycling to the start point so that adds on approximately 24km putting the day total at approximately 112km.

I’m excited and even though I would have liked to train a little more, I am confident that I can maintain a good pace for my fitness level. Have gels and carb/electrolyte drinks at the ready and some home made flap jack to get me through. Hoping the weather holds out.

(Adam Harwood) #6

Go on LAD you can smash it.

(Anthony) #7

Very long day today.

Nice warm up ride to the event. Ride went extremely well. No mechanical issues, no near misses, fuelling was spot on, and it was well organised. Because I haven’t done such a distance before, I was not sure about pacing, but happy with my average speed. I didn’t want to burn myself out for the Ditchling Beacon climb. Only seemed to be 3 people attempting to cycle up it when I went, so I was worried, however a lot of people walking up helped to motivate me.

Weather was rubbish and I actually got cold at the water/toilet/food stops, but the weather was really sunny and hot by the time I got into Brighton so I enjoyed a couple of beers on the beach and marina. Definitely going to do some closed road races and longer distance rides next year, maybe London to Paris or Amsterdam.

Official timings put me at 335th out of about 4500 riders, so very happy with that. I know it’s not a race but there were plenty of serious riders there. Felt good to overtake some small peletons by myself.