Losing 10+ stone by December 31st 2016

(Fatmanp) #1

My name is not just a nickname. It is a fact of life. On my 26th Birthday I decided to dedicate myself to a lifestyle change and get myself into shape for a multitude of reasons primarily health. About two years ago I decided I was going to attempt this just by eating better. It did not last.

I started on September 27th and went until October 7th before weighing myself/purchasing myself a scale which I thought could take my weight. My initial thoughts were that I would be over 400lbs. I weighed in at 364.4lbs (damn). Here is my progress each week so far

7th October (Starting point) - 364.4lbs
14th October - 359.0 lbs
21st October - 353.6lbs
Today (5 days of progress) - 348lbs

I have lost over a stone in 18 days and have accomplished this by totally changing up my diet. I am eating around 2000-2200 cals per day with 50% coming from protein. 30% carbs and 20% fat. In my life I have very rarely eaten breakfast unless it was McDs as I am just never into eating early in the morning (i do now). I am doing three big meals and two small to medium sized snack meals per day.I know the cals are very low for my weight but I seriously struggle to eat more than that.

I have joined my local gym and for thew first few weeks have been focusing almost exclusively on cardio (cross trainer) to boost my fitness level and on my off days from the gym have been doing some weght training at home. My weight training consists of 5x5 Deadlifts, Squats, Bench and Curls. I only have 60lbs worth of weights so that will have to do for the time being. Once I get my confidence up I will start to lift at the gym. Each day at work I do a 2 mile walk on my lunch break which I can do in about 35 minutes.

My next goal is to reach 299lbs by Feb 1st. At my current pace I should smash this goal but I am not sure how introducing more intense weight training will effect my results as i am probably losing muscle and fat at the moment.
This is quite a weird post because i do not know any of you personally but I have known some of you for around 10 years via XBL and numerous forums. This is all about keeping myself accountable in my journey going forward. I have taken photographs for comparison but will not be showing them until I reach my goal (embarassed)

Does anybody have any tips for me?

P.S when i do reach my goal the Gamertag stays as I have had it for over 12 years :smiley:

(Gavin Rainey) #2

best of luck my friend. I have a lot to say, i will edit this post.

(Fatmanp) #3

I was hoping you would be involved in this. :grinning:

Also just to say I will be updating this thread at least once per week on weigh in day which is every Wednesday.

(Ben ) #4

Well done on taking the step the better your self. I my self have been saying that I will change up my diet and start going to the gym but as of yet have never found the motivation to do so. I am only 13st but my fitness and general eating habits are terrible. All I can say stick at it, reap the rewards and good luck bro :slight_smile: I can just tell from the way you have written that post how determined you are so don’t let any one stand in your way.

(Fatmanp) #5

Thanks bud

(Webb) #6

Good luck brother, my life for about 2 years was dropping weight, but we’re talking from like 66kg to 62kg (145 to 136) so I’m afraid I won’t be much help. But you have my support g, keep this thread updated I’ll be checking in.

(DayC) #7

Good Look! I’ll be doing the same shortly currently at 228lbs and starting to feel the consequences really badly. Keep us updated with your routines as they progress and you get fitter i’d be very interested.

Take on board what @Easy writes when he edits and see if you can get in touch with Dav Singh on facebook if you were friends with him. He was around during the H3 era, you may remember him and he’s very big into his fitness.

(Fatmanp) #8

I think I did have Dav on Facebook but he deleted his profile. I assume he just restarted another.

I had been averaging a 5.5lb loss per week. Well I weighed myself this morning and as of this morning (5th morning of the week) I am down 6 pounds. Two days left I think I can hit that half stone mark in one week.

(Lethal) #9

I hope it all goes well mate! I didn’t think your alias was actually part of who you are haha, but it’s great you’re putting in the time and effort to complete this huge task. Some before and after photos to physically see how you’re getting on as well as the statistics would be cool as well. Keep it up safe!

(Fatmanp) #10

The alias was actually given to me whilst in year 9 at school. Now whilst I was overweight I was more tanky that outright fat. The alias is now well and truly deserved. Thanks for the message.

(Lethal) #11

We’ll change your name to skinny/henchmanP next year.

(Fatmanp) #12

I have had an alt tag called Slim Man P when 2 month trials were a thing.

The gamertag will still stay tho :smile:


Here’s a link to Dav’s page: https://www.facebook.com/KalsiPT?fref=ts

(Scott) #14

use myfitnesspal to make sure you’re not going over your calorie limit. at your current weight it won’t be a problem but overeating without realising it can slow your progress later on. (sounds obvious but often overlooked)

(Lewis) #15

Respect for actively trying to turn your life around.

If you get bored at the gym/running, I’d highly recommend you check out indoor rock climbing/bouldering. I’ve seen guys as beginners at around your weight that do it and love it. It just adds another level to the repetitive nature of fitness in gyms. Bouldering is as mentally stimulating as it is physically, because you have to work out how to tackle certan moves on the wall.

Also, for possibly extra motivation, if you consider yourself an animal lover or have (or had) any pets, you should look into how the animals we consume in McDonalds/supermarkets/other restaurants are treated and subject to the most digusting practices I’ve ever seen in my life - which prompted me to go vegetarian and then vegan (and I’ve never felt better physically or mentally).

Stick at it.

(Sam Connolly) #16

Started rock climbing just before I moved down south in the summer, and it is the funnest shit I’ve ever done, and it’s a really good workout, I too highly recommend doing this if you’re getting bored. Time can fly by and you won’t even realise how long you’ve been going for, and even when you get knackered, the sense of achievement when you hit the top of a wall which you struggled with will make you want to do another anyway.

(Lewis) #17

Other forms of gym fitness are just so boring to me now.

(Gavin Rainey) #18

Hi again FMP,

I havent had time to look into writing a big post but just a few things I would like to say for you starting out.

Try walking at pace to begin with, until you have gotten a fair bit of bodyweight off. Don’t go right into running as I personally am not a big fan of instant strain on joints and your heart.

when you begin training stick to a really basic plan, compound lifts and light accessory work.

For dieting DO NOT COUNT YOUR CALORIES to begin with. This can be very offputting, time consuming and even confusing to a gym newbie. Look at your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) and reduce your total caloric intake sure, but just look at the kind of meals you need to eat and generalise your frequency.

Don’t look at any massive overhaul changes now, for example Mckeevers point about becoming Vegan. It worked for him and it may indeed work for you, but if it doesnt you may be in a position where you regress. It is important that you work slowly towards where you are going to get, and you will get there. Eat well by eating good meals, not under the myth of eating low fat foods or not eating at all.

Me and Dav worked with Nerosis, aka nrge, do you remember him? We got a lot of weight off him and got him into good shape lift wise. I will PM you my phone number, we can chat any time you want, be it a gym tip, question about form, or you get craving I will help you out.

Embrace your spice rack.

(Lewis) #19

Just to say, I didn’t go vegan to lose any weight - I did it for the animals. And being vegan doesn’t mean not eating much, I eat more now on a plant-based diet. If you want to do it for health reasons though, the benefits are well documented, and more and more athletes are choosing to give up animal products.

I wasn’t suggesting fatman should make such a drastic change so quickly, just to research and look into the meat & dairy industries and make his own mind up about maybe cutting down on such products.

Just to clarify.

(Gavin Rainey) #20

Okay, but my point still stands, we must progress. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change.

@Mckeever I worked for Anglo Beef Processors, I started the week of the horse meat scandal. I worked there for 6 weeks. Very eye opening.