Losing 10+ stone by December 31st 2016

(Lethal) #132

Wow you look so different well done mate, that’s an unreal change. I think you’re ready to shag some men in a few dark alleys at some scummy nightclub now


Well done man, that is seriously impressive stuff mate.

(Gavin Rainey) #134

I am delighted for you mate

(Sam Hather) #135

You’re my thinspiration.

Not even joking. Started weighing my ingredients and will be starting to weigh myself as of tomorrow (when the batteries arrive for my scales).

Thank you and well done.

(Scott) #136

Not to take away from your sick progress, but I have a question. I showed my friend this (because I think it’s amazing) and we started discussing loose skin. Just wondering if you considered loose skin when you started such an aggressive weight loss goal? Personally if I was in your position I wouldn’t care about loose skin, but my friend says he’d rather lose the weight over 2-3 years instead and avoid it.

(Fatmanp) #137

Loose skin was going to be an issue regardless of the rate I lost weight. I don’t have it yet but when I do it will be around the midfriff. I had already planned for it and have been saving the money for the surgery. I have to say I don’t think it will be as bad as anticipated.

(Yan) #138

Holy shit

(Ryan Roberts) #139

Speechless, what a transformation. Well done ThinMayne.

(Xenoscythe) #140

Utterly crazy transformation mate, really well done.

Your confidence must be through the roof!

(Gavin Rainey) #141

Why does that heathen who took the photo have his bar on the top?

(Peter Woodberry) #142

Amazing stuff man, your dedication to achieve your goals is really really awesome.

(Gaskin) #143

Incredible! I’m lost for words.

(Fatmanp) #144

Dropped under 200 earlier this week. Starting to notice body changes much quicker as the BF% goes down.

(Sam Hather) #145


I’ve lost around 7lbs due to your inspiration. No joke.

Aim to go hard on the weight loss after LAN, for now I have too many heavy drinking Fridays but plan to cut that down come September. Hopefully will have lost a stone by then!

(Yan) #146

Is it normal for it to really start showing towards the end, then? I’ve dropped about 70 this year (partly inspired by your posts tbh) and haven’t seen enormous changes

(Fatmanp) #147

What is your current height and weight? What did you weigh?

(Yan) #148

6’2", started at 266, down to 198

(Fatmanp) #149

Do you track measurements? What clothing sizes did you start at i.e top size and waist size. I don’t notice a big difference in myself because I still have a really high bf%. But as you get lower, losing 5lbs of fat means more at 200lbs than it does at 270lbs because the percentage change is much greater.

How have you gone about losing the weight? Purely diet or diet + exercise?

(Yan) #150

I haven’t tracked measurements but I have dropped a few clothes sizes. I’ve noticed my size changing but my body composition hasn’t changed much at all. I want to lose about 25 more and it just seems like too small an amount to have the effect I want, but maybe I’m completely off the mark.

I walk or run most days and stick to 1200-1400 calories, aiming for 2 pounds a week. I’ve had weeks where I’ve lost 3 or 4 and others where I’ve lost nothing, it’s a bit inconsistent.

(Gavin Rainey) #151

Sorry somehow the read only came off the forum.

@fatmanp I lost your last post sorry dude!