Losing 10+ stone by December 31st 2016

(Lewis) #21

I’m sure it did. If you want your eyes open to the point where what’s seen can never be unseen, check out earthlings.

Going vegan is also a lifestyle change too though (the biggest one I’ve ever made), it’s much more than a diet.

(Fatmanp) #22

Thanks for the input guys. Gav I have PM’d you.

(Fatmanp) #23

Ok so here is my weekly progress for today

07/10/2015 - 364.4lbs
14/10/2015 - 359.0lbs = Week 1 loss = 5.4lbs
21/10/2015 - 353.6 = Week 2 loss = 5.4lbs
28/10/2015 - 347.0 = Week 3 loss = 6.6lbs

(Fatmanp) #24

To hit 299 by Jan 1st I have 9 full weeks and two days. If I keep the bare minimum of progress I have had it will be done.

(Fatmanp) #25

So i went over to Knightsbridge yesterday and spent a hell of of a lot of money on clothing which is a size down from what I normally wear. Only issue I think is come February it will be too small.

(Fatmanp) #26

Ok so as of Sunday morning I was down to 344.4 and after my workout I was down to 343.4. However, upon weighing myself this morning i was 346.4 and thew same again after my workout. This is obviously not a true weight gain as my diet has been consistent for 5 weeks now.

This has to be water retention right?

On average I drink about 1.5 litres of bottled spring water per day and 3-6 cups of decaf green tea.

I will say that I do not need to urinate much at all. Last time the urine was a pale/clear yellow colour which I understand is good.

Any ideas?

(Sam Connolly) #27

I don’t know an awful lot about the science behind this and I won’t pretend to, but I imagine if your diet has been working so far then you probably haven’t put on 2.2 lbs in the space of a day.

It probably is just water retention. Make sure you’re weighing yourself after you’ve gone for a piss and before you’ve eaten in the morning. That will be about as accurate a reading as you can get of your actual weight.

Also - and someone correct me if I’m wrong here - but home scales are pretty shitty from what I’ve seen, on every set of scales I’ve ever used I can weigh myself three times and get three different results from within a few lbs of eachother. So this could be a possibility but I think it’s more likely the first thing.

As I say, I don’t know an awful lot about this shit, other people seem much more up to scratch, if they say something different take their word on it

(Fatmanp) #28

When i weigh myself in the morning it is always after a jolly old trip to the chocolate factory :smile:

(Sam Connolly) #29

If it’s Willy Wonkas chocolate factory, make sure you don’t get buy any of that Fizzy Lifting Drink, it’s a proper ballache to weigh yourself after having that

(Dean) #30

Good luck dude, keep it up! I will also keep looking at this thread to see the progress. And i agree with Harry some before and after shots are always good.

(Offtopic: @Mckeever, im glad to see another vegan in the house! Been vegan almost 4 years here, and I have never felt better)

(Lewis) #31

That’s awesome man. I have a vegan cafe just round the corner from me which has the best vegan food in Manchester, and it’s just a little local cafe. I’m lucky.

What prompted you to go vegan? Animals/health, or both?

Btw, if you guys think I’m going too offtopic, just tell me to stfu!

(Sam Hather) #32

Proud of you @PhatMayneP . Signed up for the gym myself today - you’re my thinspiration!

also @Mckeever, what caf?

(Lewis) #33

Topaz cafe, Ashton Underlyne. You live nearby?

(Sam Hather) #34

I live in South Manchester rather than East like you.

Fallowfield represent!

Thought you might have lived in the City centre though which is why I asked… would have gone and checked it out :slight_smile:

(Fatmanp) #35

It would appear the retention may be starting to subside. Registered first loss since Sunday morning.

Only a 2.6lbs loss on the week but i am sure there is more water to go.

(Spankpaddle) #36

Oh these kind of fluxes will happen through-out your whole journey. Our bodies are amazing at adapting to what we do to it. One of the reasons we do so well as a species, our adaptability and endurance. PLEASE remember that last point as I will come back to it.

Your metabolism is going through a crash course of what is right again. Cutting the “crap” out of your diet is allowing your body to “normalize”. Eventually it will plateau to the point you wont see any gains or losses, this will and can happen through your whole journey. There is a reason weight lifters don’t ever do the same reps, with the same weight with the same tools their entire lives. Runners will never consistently run 3 miles when training for a half marathon as the body gets used to 3 mile runs and halves are worlds apart. Eventually your body will get used to these workouts and they become a normal thing and will stop producing results. The amazing thing to this, is we use this adaptability to “Keep the muscles guessing” because as stupid as that saying is, it is true.

The rate in which you change workouts, and output is 100% dependent on you and your body and what your goals are. Just as diet, no one can tell you what will work for your body as it will do what it does best. Adapt. Eventually these plateaus will become easier to notice and correct. All this just takes time and experience as no one can tell you the exact moment all this will happen to you.

Now for the endurance. You must understand your body can endure some shit, a lot of it actually. Ask anyone who has done a triathlon, decathlon, ultra-marathon or a regular marathon. The more you put your self through and the better you learn of your own body the more you will find your self capable of doing. The 4 examples I listed, those guys started somewhere between shit and “A good runner”. The pain you feel throughout this entire process will suck, however, it is not going to kill you or cause long term damage (As long as you know your body). Its easy to say here on SSRCG forums, but it really is not that hard. When you understand what a build-up of lactic acid is, or how you obtain muscle failure, or how to improve your O2 intake, you realize how to look past the pain, fix the pain, or adjust your comfort levels.

Just remember your body will adapt to what ever and where it is going through. However, its designed to be durable and we have the highest endurance and psychological commitments than any other animal species out there. Dont get upset with a lack of results or change, just take that challenge as your body playing chess with you.

I also have some tips/tricks/helpful thoughts regarding metabolism and to help maintain high levels if you want me to jot those down. Im sure Gav can get into nutrition and regimes for what you need to do for what. I am more interested and involved in learning about the science and mental aspect of training so can chime in on those aspects.

Just remember, everyone offering you advice and those that push their ideas and thoughts as fact can be right and most likely are. However that is only because they are discussing their bodies, and because they are that self aware of their own bodies they know what works. Their faults are in not understanding everyone’s metabolic rates, hearts, lungs, muscles, bone structure is different. You need to find out what YOUR body needs. Ofc take advice, try ideas and just be smart.

Right now? You’re on the right path. Fix the diet, let the body adapt. Once it has “normalized” start the work. Once it has “normalized” again, change the work. Once you hit a point where nothing is working, dive into the science, dive into the supplements, dive into what ever other crazy fad you want. Just remember your body, your rules.

Keep up the work though, I love seeing shit like this. Self motivation and determination are boner material.

(Gavin Rainey) #37

FMP you have Murican motivation now, what next?

(Spankpaddle) #38

Ha I am motivated as fuck my self right now. As part of my change in attitude and overall mental state I have started up my fitness levels.

Running 6k with an 18lbs pack for fun is not actually fun. But seeing the results a week later with my body type is motivating enough. Oh I am also going to be trekking through Iceland for a week come fall and this Mar/Apr I will be in the Scottish Highlands for a week.

High cardio, lots of runs, lots of walks, high impact, and kinetic based workouts. Changing my body type through all this as well. So yeah, I am getting back into the research and studying of everything. Minus the fucking gluten stupidity things don’t change! Fucking science man.

(Gavin Rainey) #39

Glad to hear

I have physio next thursday to see why my arm isnt so good, it felt like it was going to pop out at the end of 5x5 175lb bench (light weight for me)

If he says its curtains for me and heavy compounds I will be slimming down and using my bodyweight only.

(Fatmanp) #40

Plateau/water retention gone. Linear weight loss resumed. I make that 2 stone lost in 5 and a half weeks.