Losing 10+ stone by December 31st 2016

(Fatmanp) #41

339lbs so a 5.4 lbs loss on the week.

299 should be achievable by Feb 1st.

(Xenoscythe) #42

Sound like you’re smashing it mate, keep it up!

(Ryan Roberts) #43

I can’t offer any advice or tips I’m afraid… but just to wish you the best of luck with it PhatMayne. Keep it up.

(Sam Hather) #44

Well done mate - you’re absolutely smashing it!

(Fatmanp) #45

So after 40 days of tracking I am down 30lbs. (334lbs)

(Gavin Rainey) #46

Your weight loss will naturally slow down, eventually 1lb a week will be good. Keep it up mate.

(Sam Hather) #47

I noticed this myself last year when I lost some weight and it can be a bit of a depressing thing. Just make sure you keep your head up.

First day at the gym for me tomorrow dad lads

(Fatmanp) #48

Yep I know. At the moment I am still in the range where my diet and exercise is having a dramatic effect on my weight and I hope that this will continue for another 6-8 weeks or at least until I get to 299. Feb 1st is my goal for that.

(Xenoscythe) #49

Went bouldering today for the first time, very much enjoyed it and feel like I’ve properly worked out.

My forearms may not make it to tomorrow however. rip.

(Fatmanp) #50

Weight day tomorrow.

(Fatmanp) #51

344.6lbs so 4.4lbs lost on the week. Inching closer to the 200s.


Were are you going? And what days? Hmu when you’re looking to go. Also, GL @PhatMayneP you’re doing great man, keep up the good work. I’ve not got a lot to add to what others have said previously (not a clue about fitness tbh) but glad it’s going well man.

(Lewis) #53

Nice one. Yea, my forearms were wrecked after the first few sessions, now I can go all day.

(Fatmanp) #54

Sorry made an error on my last weigh day. I said that I was 344.6lbs in actual fact it was 334.6lbs.

(Fatmanp) #55

Weigh day

Was 334.6lbs last week]

Today 328.8lbs

Loss of 5.8lbs.

(Fatmanp) #56

Last week 328.8lbs

Today 322.0 lbs

loss of 6.8lbs

(Xenoscythe) #57

Super impressive mate, almost 3 stone lost since you started? You must be feeling/seeing those effects massively?!

(Dean) #58

Keep it up man! Great job.

(Fatmanp) #59

Loss of 5.6lbs this week down to 316.4lbs.

(Fatmanp) #60

Missed my update on the thread this week.

Lost 3.2 lbs down to 313.2 lbs. Was this weight for about 4 days so had a mini stall. As of this morning I have lost more weight in three days than I have all last week. Down to 309.8 lbs this morning. Really hoping to hit sub 300 by new years day.