Losing 10+ stone by December 31st 2016

(Fatmanp) #61

Late update here.

As of this morning I am 307.2lbs.

(Fatmanp) #62

My initial lofty target was to be sub 300lbs by January 1st. Well This morning I was 300.8lbs. I know it is not a race but leaving the 300s is a very big deal to me. I will be pissed if I don’t hit it by Friday morning. Fingers crossed.

(Dean) #63

go go go, amazing progress man!

(Fatmanp) #64

New Years Day


Goal 1 acheived

Goal 2 = 250 lbs by May 1st

(Yan) #65

You are absolutely fucking killing it. Motivated me to go to the gym this morning, thanks.

(Webb) #66

very impressed, one of the only people I know recently that has vowed to do something and actually gone through with it. you’re making incredible progress.

big ups, keep it up.

(Fatmanp) #67

Thanks guys. Amazed that I actually hit my goal on the date I had set. By Sunday I was 5lbs from my goal and it did not look likely. Monday morning came and I had somehow lost over 3lbs in a day. Biggest cock tease moment was new years eve I was 300.0lbs was all fml.

This week is going good I am currently sitting at 296.6. The aim is for 260lbs on April 1st. Then 200lbs by October 1. At that point I will have to evaluate a lot of things such as waist size as I don’t think I will be able to walk into a store and buy off the peg as the max size in most stores is 40 inches. Currently a 51 inch waist in 50 jeans. Aim is to be a 38 waist as it gives me flexibility to go up a size on jeans which come up small. Saying that I have lost around 11 inches on the waist after losing nearly 70 lbs.

Lowest I can possibly see myself is 180lbs.

For those wondering if there will be before and after pics. Yes there will but not until September 27th (1 year)

Weigh day this Wednesday 6th January.

(Lethal) #68

Fuck me people are going to think you have aids or cancer soon you’re losing weight so fast haha good job mate.

(Dean) #69

I think that’s Harry’s way of being nice. But seriously well done, you couldn’t possibly be disappointed at being bang on 300lbs! Keep it up, you’ve got this.

(Sam Hather) #70

I’ve started calorie counting now thanks to you @PhatMayneP.
1500 cals a day, leggo.

(Fatmanp) #71

What’s your height and weight?

(Xenoscythe) #72

think hobbit

(Rob Thomas) #73

He was asking about Smather, not you mate.

(Xenoscythe) #74

I don’t know of any black 7" tall hobbits, do you rob?

(Rob Thomas) #75

That’s racist mate. Just because they’re black, doesn’t mean they can’t be hobbits.

(Sam Hather) #76

Literally this. I am Samwise.

But for real @PhatMayneP 5ft 3 or 4" and like 14 stone 8

(Fatmanp) #77

According to this that (1500 cals) should be good for about 1lb per week with no physical activity.

One trap I fell into in regards to calorie counting was taking what the food packaging said as gospel. Weigh your food and adjust the calories/nutrient numbers accordingly. I am in no way an expert but if you were to bump that number to say 1800 and exercise/lift weights you would get roughly the same results (1lb per week) while retaining your muscle mass and avoid looking fat even at a lower weight.

Drink 3-4 litres of water per day as well.

This is all general advice that anybody can give you but it is quite important. You will know the limits of your body and what is best for you.

(Sam Hather) #78

Yeah I had a look thanks man!

Gonna buy some weights this month and just do 30 mins a day at home, cba with the gym at all atm!

Gonna get myself a bike as well

(Fatmanp) #79

Weigh day

Was 300.8lbs

Now 295.2lbs

Loss of 5.6lbs on the week

(Sam Connolly) #80

Keep it up man, you’re doing awesome. 70lbs (ish) lost since you started, fuck me. You doing this all purely through dieting or are you exercising too?