Losing 10+ stone by December 31st 2016

(Fatmanp) #81

Diet+7k incline walking

Started weights this week as well. Have reduced the cardio down a bit to compensate on weight days.

(Fatmanp) #82

Started my first proper weight training today. Did chest, back, triceps, biceps using machines then did shoulders with barbell and deadlifts. Getting the form right first then going to increase weight. Going to do 4 days per week.

(Fatmanp) #83

Not updated in a while.

This morning was 290.8lbs

My waist has now decreased by 12 inches. Currently a 49.5 on the tape measure with a hell of a lot of fat in that area to burn. Chest is now 47-48 inches with losts of fat still present at the front and side of pecs as well as around the shoulder blades. The apron (belly hangover) is starting to raise up and the skin underneath can finally breath for the first time in years.

Also am now doing weights four times per week and did my first ever leg session this evening. Did a comfortable 6x2 leg press (240kg) + whatever the machine rack weighs (apparently around 20kg to 30kg) which was quite pleasing. I now await the dreaded feeling in two days time where I cannot move.

Also I now have visible traps as I am very lean around the collar bone area now. Shame about the sag everywhere below it.

Very happy with the progress and i am starting to get comments from almost everybody i know. They dislike the method because most of them think there is some kind of way to cheat this with a fad diet or some isolated exercise.

(Webb) #84

where you at

(Fatmanp) #85

280.6 lbs

Waist size when I started was 60 inches plus it is now 47 inches

Began measuring chest size about six weeks ago. Was a 52 inch chest at beginning of December now 45 inches.

Lots of fat to go as from a body shape standpoint apart from looking narrower everything is pretty much the same apart from the proportions.

(Sam Connolly) #86

So what you’re saying is, you absolutely smashed your initial target you stated in your first post? Congrats dude! Keep it up :smiley:

(Fatmanp) #87

ooooo yea

smashed that bitch on Jan 1st

(Fatmanp) #88

Well weigh day was today


waist 47 inches

chest 44.75 inches

(Fatmanp) #89

269.0 lbs
Waist 45 inches
Chest 45 inches

(Ben ) #90

I am so jealous of your motivation in general. I wish I was half as motivated as you, at doing anything never mind something as mentally and psychically demanding as your mission. Keep it up!

(Fatmanp) #91

Today i am exactly 100lbs down

44 waist
44 chest

(Dean) #92

So 10 stone is 164 pounds, what do you plan on doing when you reach that target 6 months early? You’re currently smashing it.

(Gavin Rainey) #93

the next aim is to stick some weight on in the form of muscle :smiley:

(Fatmanp) #94

I don’t really have a goal weight more I need to achieve a certain bodyfat %. Right now I am nowhere close as I have a hell of a lot of fat on the belly, hips and lower back. I want to be able to comfortably buy clothes from anywhere so that means a minimum top size of XL and minimum waist size of 38. Right now I am XXL in certain brands and a measured 44 waist vanity sizing aside. At what weight do I believe that will be? Probably between 180 and 190 lbs. Once I hit that I want to maintain there for a few months and then slowly start putting on muscle as Gav said.

(Fatmanp) #95

Fuck it. Here you go

(DayC) #96

Well done mate, keep it up.

(Ben ) #97

Nice work dude. Was saying to gav last night on teamspeak you have got some good shape to your upper body already. Starting to look very toned already keep it up!

(Fatmanp) #98

260lbs flat this morning.

(Lethal) #99

Fuck me what a difference in appearence, nice one man.

(Fatmanp) #100

Weigh day

Was 257.2
Now 253.2
Chest 43 and Waist 42.