Losing 10+ stone by December 31st 2016

(Fatmanp) #101

Current weight 246.2

Month on month comparison shot coming on Friday.

(Gavin Rainey) #102

How’s it going mate

(Fatmanp) #103

Water retention for the last week or so. Seem to drop a pound then put it straight back on the next day. Sitting at 244.4 as of now. Inches still coming off despite weight fluctuating. Waist is 41" and Chest 42.5". All good though. Target is 225 by June 1st.

(Sam Hather) #104

Firstly, Grats on continuing the gr8 work m8!

I was just wondering what you eat in your typical day?

(Fatmanp) #105

About 2000 Cal’s, protein shake and protein cookie included. About a 40:40:20 split Protein, Carbs and Fats. All bread and rice is wholemeal. Rotate Chicken, fish and turkey as main meals with new potatoes/sweet potatoes/rice. Lots of greens. Scrambled eggs and toast for bread. Lunch is usually chicken or turkey slices sandwich or brown pitta wrap with veg. An apple and Greek yogurt to go with lunch.

All very boring but tbh food does not phase me in the slightest. I will have to get much stricter on the diet the lower my weight is.

(Webb) #106

Jesus fucking christ mate I am in awe, super props - never did I think I could gather raw inspiration from SSRCG.

Incredible work, you must be so proud of yourself. Keep it up.

(Fatmanp) #107

Ty. Very happy with the progress. I am starting to notice more changes in the mirror now. Before I could only see change in comparison shots that were months apart.

(Webb) #108

Yeah, it’s crazy how day to day nothing changes but then you look back on like a 4 month period and it’s completely different. You’ve already smashed your goal bro don’t stop until you’re happy, one day when I’m offensively rich I’ll attribute part of my huge success to your progress! (:wink:)

all joking apart i’m very impressed and a little bit proud

(Fatmanp) #109

Accelerated losses over the last five days. 239.0lbs this morning.

(Ryan Roberts) #110

Not visited this thread in a while… fuck me. Your progress is insane, great work soon to be SkinnyMayneP - keep it up.

(Fatmanp) #111

234.0 lbs this morning.

As of today I will never have to walk into another big and tall shop for clothing. My waist is now 40 inches and shrinking which means high street retailer clothing for me. Tried a pair of 40inch waist shorts on in Next today and they were a bit loose.

BF% and not weight loss in now priority one which at this moment in time is half the battle. Finally have a half decent lifting routine which I am progressing with to retain muscle using the big basics (Deadlifts/Squats/Overhead Press/Bent Over Rows/Benchpress)

(Lewis) #112

Great work man. You will have willpower of the gods when you get through this fully.

(Adam Mackenzie) #113

Just saw this post since I’ve not been on the site in a while, it’s great to see such progress in such a short period of time. Keep it up! :smiley:

Your attitude and motivation is great to see.

(Fatmanp) #114

Thanks for all the support everybody.

I will definitely be putting up a progress pic on Sunday comparing April 1st to May 1st.

Waist is now under 40 inches which is nice.Starting to notice a little bit of Pectoral muscle under the fat when slightly tensed.

(Paul Corkin) #115

I’ve been meaning to lose a stone past few months to get in better shape for my football season but always just end up being lazy , it’s actually mind blowing how much work and effort you have put into losing weight. Good shit man.

(Fatmanp) #116

Hit the 10 stone loss mark this morning. Starting weight was 364.4lbs and i am now 224.4.

Starting was was 60 inches it is now 38 inches.

(Sam Hather) #117

Absolutely incredible mate. Amazing effort!

(Gaskin) #118

Wish I had your determination but to gain weight. Keep at it mate what an amazing lifestyle change.

(Gavin Rainey) #119

What’s stopping you? What’s stopping any of us? I have some thoughts on this, don’t want to look like I’m shouting at you or anyone :slight_smile:

I am carrying too much fat and not enough muscle so I am cutting like mad now and training super hard. I will be the muss again.

You don’t need to wish dude, fatmanp was way fatter than you are thin and he was able to overcome everything, fear, loathing, fatigue, anxiety and is on the righteous path now. It is in all of us to do this and he should be in your thoughts as a true inspiration but even more so as proof of how difficult it can be to get on track if you let things get out of hand.

Jools made a great post on Facebook as he has just shed a load of weight. It isn’t lost weight, as he doesn’t want it back.

Keep it up FMP and anytime you want to train you let me know.

(Sam Hather) #120

My best mate is ghoulish thin and he’s just started on this regime where he drinks 4 pints of milk a day to get all of his calories in, then obviously food on top. It’ll make him gain weight but obviously in fat, so he’s smashing the gym too so that he can then turn that fat into muscle etc. Not sure if it’s an ideal regime but it seems to be working for him and he’s never been over 10st in the 7 years i’ve know him