Mass Effect: Andromeda

(Gazza) #21

yea but still its the classic everyone’s hyped cause of how good the old ones where and everyone is destined to be disappointed due to it imo.

i just hope they do it good tho and its not just them milking it

(Fatmanp) #22

Tbh this really was not on my radar until it looked like it was returning more to it’s roots. I just hope it is optimised well.

(Yan) #23

The gameplay itself looks like a lot of fun, but there’s not a single character that seems interesting and I feel like they really missed an opportunity by just giving us the same races we already saw when we’re supposed to be in a new galaxy or whatever.

(Fatmanp) #24

There are at least two new races with one of the being the main antagonists from what I have seen.

(Fatmanp) #25

system reqs

(Xenoscythe) #26

Those minimum specs are ridiculous.

(Matt) #27

For anyone interested I’m gonna stream 2 before release, might do 1/3 but I’m not sure

(Fatmanp) #28

Game is getting panned critically. Have to say all the gameplay/streams I have seen i am going to wait for it to get cheap. Will spend my my time/money on Persona 5 I think.

(Matt) #29

Myself and a few friends that love the series have made the same decision. I’ve seen far to many T posing clips.

(Sam Hather) #30

Looks like reviews are about 7/10 on average… Pretty good for what it has to live up to.