Merry Christmas and a Happy new year

(Gavin Rainey) #1

I know a lot of you are away now for the festive period so enjoy it! Those of you that aren’t some of us will be in discourse tonight jamming playing shit.

This year has been crazy but TeqR and SSRCG are on an upwards trajectory and I want you all to be a part next year, here is my favourite festive song to get us all in the mood:


(Lethal) #2

(Ben ) #3

Merry Christmas you filthy animals & A Happy New Year


Happy Holidays lads

(Sam Hather) #5

Happy Hanukkah and Seasons greetings to all, much love xxx

(Black cabbage) #6

merry christmas from nord we have rain and no snow :heart::bikini:

(Dean) #7

Happy Hanukkah @The_Dice_man :israel:

(Peter Woodberry) #8

Merry Christmas guys!

(Xenoscythe) #9

Have a dapper yuleall

(Adam Harwood) #10

merry xmas guys. best of luck in the new year :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas all! Hope you all have an awesome day =)