Mortal Kombat X: Who's Next?

(Van Slab) #21

(Gavin Rainey) #22

(Van Slab) #23


so hyped for this game, feel like I’m setting myself up for disappointment

(Van Slab) #25

Finally added Tremor

(Van Slab) #26

KOTH lobby next week mates ?

@Lethal @Easy @Bagelzend @Venom @Xenoscythe

They have made some improvements to KOTH

You can now set yourself to AFK and also go into training mode while waiting

(Lethal) #27

Training mode during KOTH is a big step and will help us so much more.

Our lobbies will be the gayest of them all.

(Gavin Rainey) #28

thats incredible.

Also people are getting this delivered for ps4

(Black Jack) #29

@Sith should I tell them what happened at LAN or should you?

(C**t ) #30

I smashed him 2-0 and he knew how to block and i didn’t, what an amateur.

(Black Jack) #31

The reverse of this… Sith picked a character way out his depth and I button smashed with a noob character and won.

(Nathan Burton) #32

Figure I’ll end up getting on PS4.


Can’t wait for this to come out already. Hopefully the game doesn’t suck and neither do I xD. Do you guys think it will be playable on mobile 3g internet? I know nothing about this netcode mumbo jumbo.

(Lethal) #34

Should be fine on 4G, 3G it’ll probably lag spike a bit.

(Van Slab) #35

Its like 19 pence on g2a

(Dean) #36

So has everyone decided what platform they are getting this on?

(Dean) #37

PC I think. Except Harry because he can’t handle PC gamers so stays in the past with console kids who can’t block.

(Lethal) #38

I’ve got MKX for PC and XB1 ;), wouldn’t be able to play with the boys otherwise if I didn’t have it on PC it’d get boring.

(Gavin Rainey) #39

PC a long time ago.

Didnt have you down as an MK guy though?

(Dean) #40

If your talking about me, yeah well i mean everyone here i imagine grew up on the originals I played MX9 but only at mates houses (harry will know about the pre-drink MK9 before we went out). Though i feel like i want to get this for the PC too, except my pc is soo wank i donno how good it will be on it. :confused: