Mortal Kombat X: Who's Next?

(Van Slab) #41

For anyone new to MK

(Josh) #42

I will buy this, even if its to do fatalities vs the computer lol

(Gavin Rainey) #43

cdkeys it is dirty cheap dude

(Josh) #44

Done it, I just don’t really have the time to play till after the 24hr… :-1:


Should have checked Steam comments before buying :expressionless: Just installed it on Steam, but can’t play because of some bullshit stream installer thingy, fuck knows what. Every time I try and play something the game just crashes LOL. Pretty upsetting. Apparently releasing games that just work out of the box is a thing of the past.

(Matt) #46

It was a typo when a Valve employee updated the store page. They set it to 1am rather than 1pm so the game unlocked but the full download wasn’t released, come 6pm GMT you’ll be able to download the rest of it.

EDIT: It would be nice if Valve had a little more communication with their customers.


Indeed… well i have the game launched and all my settings sorted at least lol.

And more importantly an achievement for looking at my stats page…

(Sam) #48

God I have wanted to get a fighting game for a while. Everything I play at the moment is a bit stale.

So very very tempted to get this.

(Gaskin) #49

Load the game up and tab out, then right click MKX and go to properties - DLC. Tick all the DLC and should all install. Not sure if it will work but it will all deffo be installed. Will update if it works.


holy shit, I don’t even know how to feel about this. next level for sure

(Gaskin) #51

After installing everything I can now play single player versus but still no story or online. But at least it’s playable to an extent.

(Dean) #52

So i brought this for the PC aswell on a hope that my pc will be able to run it. So i can play on the lowest settings, but after 10 mins it starts to slow down and be a bit more jittery. I guess my GPU is heating up lol. Oh well it was a good try, unless they bring out configs that i can turn stuff down i might have to wait til i get a better pc before playing this :frowning:

(Josh) #53

Should probably sort your life out m8


that really sucks man :frowning:

(Sam Hather) #55

Never really got into any fighting games but with how cheap i’ve seen this going for and the fact that the BOIZ are all over this i’ll probably buy it on Friday

(Rob Thomas) #56

Just did a combo where I threw an old lady into my opponent.

Pretty sure I’ve completed the game now lads, move on.


her name is Blanche

(Gavin Rainey) #58

Well met.

Anyone new to this please just come ask me, @Lethal or @Rod about absolutely anything.

When im not on CS Im going to be in a KotH on this with Jade and others having a laugh.

We did some Koth last night where bagel ran rampant with Reptile and we just figured stuff out.

(Rob Thomas) #59

I’ll be down to play some later if anyone’s on.

(Gavin Rainey) #60

im 100% there im foaming at the mouth

although im not on late im in london on thursday