Mortal Kombat X: Who's Next?

(Rob Thomas) #61

Pressing a button to block feels like the most backwards thing to me atm.

Can they patch it so I can just hold back to block please.

(Gavin Rainey) #62

set back to block and block to back

then you press block to go back and back to block



went out and bought a ps3 controller, not sure if worth, I’m god awful at this game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Sam) #64

im fucking terrible

(Ben ) #65

Im stuck on the tutorial!!! Im following the button commands but not getting any where :frowning:

(Lethal) #66

KotH tonight anyone?

(Scott Miles) #67

Make sure these three settings in your controller options are off.

Also if you’re having trouble cancelling into special moves from combos make sure you press the buttons in the chain the correct amount of times, because i was mashing the buttons too much and the game engine isn’t lenient.

(Gavin Rainey) #68

im not back from this shit hole london until 9 but then ill smash ur an00s


I’m right there with you buddy.

Need some help with the special stuff. Idk, I might be retarded, but every time I go for an enhanced throw (LB+RT) it cancels. Like you can hear the sound it makes when you do a special and the character lights up white and all but then it cancels. Now I’ve tried literally everything I could think off, I changed the controller settings like Scott posted, tried holding RT long and just tapping it, tried it with my Xbox 360 controller. Same shit. Somebody help a retard out please.

Also uploaded a video so you can see what I’m on about.
Things that happen in the vid: 1. normal throw(LB) 2. enhanced throw fail(LB+RT) 3. enhanced throw fail(LB+RT) 4. normal throw(LB)

(JadEasY) #70

this was literally me in story mode today #mashbuttonsftw

(Ben ) #71

Same! like to do a certain combo it will do the moves seperatly and can see them working but it is not doing what it is supposed to be… I.e It will portal then block straight out of the portal. All the correct buttons are pressed but its doing them as 2 separate moves and not the intended combo. Ive tried it slow and fast. If i do it fast it doesn’t recognise the 2nd button presses if they are in quick succession.

(Van Slab) #72

For a meter burn throw that is correct

(Ben ) #73

Im on about that one I got stuck on last night that you was watching.


Wait a minute, I just did the throw tutorial again. Am I getting this right? Basically there is no enhanced version of the throw and the reason you would want to press RT is to cancel out of the throw animation to do say a combo. Is that it?

(Van Slab) #75

Yea it cancels the throw and gives you frame advantage


DAMN. next level mechonix. 3advanced5me. Thanks for the the clarification though :wink:

(Van Slab) #77


(Breese) #78

That ex move tip is super helpful.


forever stuck in Reading Stats Data :weary: Y I NO CAN PLAY ONLINE

also is there a way to edit your profile card thingy and what do the number left and right mean?

(Matt) #80

Left is your level, right is your faction level.