Mortal Kombat X: Who's Next?

(Rob Thomas) #81


From J-God himself.

(Xenoscythe) #82

Just finished the story mode, enjoyed it! Interesting after credits scene too, i assume it’ll be a dlc expansion rather than MKXI?


Reddit ftw

edit: day 2 of not being able to connect to online, just stuck in the ‘reading stats data’ screen. should I reinstall?

(Breese) #84

I can’t get online either. They have seriously dropped the ball with this port. Loads of issues.


thank fuck, I thought it was just me

(Xenoscythe) #86

I managed to pull off a 30% combo today with raiden, on purpose! Had a nice little run of games :smiley:

Slowly getting the hang of not button bashing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Van Slab) #87

Northwest Majors

Top 8 tomorrow at 6pm


Just wrote an angry emai to High Voltage support asking for a refund. Still not able to play online, although now after the latest patch at least an error message pops up to let you know that you’re fucked. Progress :smile:
Well, I’m intrigued to read the support response.

(Rob Thomas) #89

(Adam) #90

Been swapping between Kenshi variants a lot, settled on Kenjutsu for now. Thinking about trying to learn Takeda too.

(Xenoscythe) #91

Well, got bored of waiting for support to give me all my levels and stuff back after it randomly wiped everything…completed and unlocked it all again now. If it wipes again i’m burning their HQ down.

(Xenoscythe) #92

Extremely basic, but super handy for quickly picking up a character for us newbies, everywhere else seems to be 395867459687 button combos :

(Sam Hather) #93

Awesome stuff, cheers!

Just downloading now, time to show you all how horrifically bad I am at fighting games.

(Adam) #94

I’ll play a few when you get it downloaded

(Van Slab) #95

I want to learn Possessed after i’ve got Balanced down.

How is Kenjutsu ? I haven’t looked at it yet

(Sam Hather) #96

Oh god okay

(Xenoscythe) #97 @Rod reverse brutalities, kenshi is amazing.

(Van Slab) #98

They are sick

Looks like they only work against characters with projectile brutalities

(Gavin Rainey) #99

GG’s online last night, seems it was a bit laggy though we were all doing random things, trying to block and execute


ok seriously how is it that are you guys able to play online (assuming you’re on the pc)